Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here's something kind of cool—I have two sons nominated for Most Preferred Male, which I believe, and don't correct me if I'm wrong, is akin to their mother being chosen Homecoming Queen! TWICE!

Listen, argue all you want, you won't change my mind—something about it being narrow and small, so really there's no room for improvement. Anyway, I think we can all agree that this is simply the universe's way of saying, "Their glory be thine."

Tomorrow I get to go to the assembly and find out if I...I mean Course, one of the sons is on a trip to California, which means that, should he-we win, I'll have no choice but to take a flying leap onto the stage, screaming, bowing and grabbing the acclaim for his behalf.  Because, say it with me..."I'M A GIVER."

But don't worry—I'll give it back.

When he asks for it...

...or, more accurately, when he pries the glittering, satin sash from my cold, dead fingers.


Kay said...

I'm glad I'm related to you, if only distantly. You're a joy.

Stef said...

Oh, wouldn't that be like living the glory days all over. Perhaps you could tell him he lost... and just sleep with the award a few nights before giving it back. Okay, that would be weird. Maybe a week.

Julianna said...


And the pictures... FABULOUS!

Lilian said...

So..... which one won? Annnnnnnd.... how does the other one feel about his brother being more preferred?

Cherie said...

Do you still wear your sash on special occasions? Ha Ha
You crack me up!!

Cherie said...

OK so wait this just became clear in my head - You have two sons up for the same thing - Like against each other. OOohhhh that might not be good for brotherly love. You'll have to tell us what happens!!

I'm crossing my fingers!! I think they should be able to share it :-D