Saturday, September 3, 2011


Witchy hat from Bed of DIE for! A generous birthday gift from my dear mother.

This year's addition to my Halloween witch collection. Saw it in Victorian Trading~loved it~set it aside in my covetous mind~bought it for $20 cheaper at Bed of Roses! Yes!

Another dazzling vintage inspired item from Bed of Roses. Does it ever end? I hope not...

Old school room pictures~going to frame and mount and dream of a simpler time...

Vintage linen perfection~I'm making it into a bag some day.

Lapel roses for my collection. They don't even need to be watered...except with tears over their exceptional beauty.

A parting birthday gift from Brenda~owner of Bed of Roses...her generosity knows no bounds.

The 'piece de resistance' from my husband and children~I GIVE YOU THE IPAD 2! With keyboard attachment...and sky blue cover on order...and money pulled from every one of their pockets~not because they HAD to, but because they WANTED to, right children? Right.

And yet another undeserved gift, this time from Adie Mitchell and her DOMINATION OF ALL THINGS SCENTSY! She's a giver, that Adie from my youth. I used to babysit her. Now look~she gives me gifts of cinnamon and light. Let that be a lesson to you~never ever EVER burn those babysitting bridges, no matter how heinous the child. (Adie, you were an ANGEL, I say!)

Of course, scattered amongst these picturesque offerings, there were luscious sweet rolls and bags of chocolate and cinnamon and caffeine brought to my door, all wrapped up in blue and tulle and smiling faces of beautiful friends. I was nominated Homecoming Queen, according to my Facebook birthday wish popularity. And those willing to dine on porky nuts and berry salads numerous times over the last few days, brought a smile to my wrinkled lips and a twinkle to my dimming eyes.

So there you have it...Princess Lisa turns 43. Or 34, if you transpose, which I believe is still using the same numbers, therefore cannot be considered a bald faced lie. Hey! Can I help the intrinsic value that was given to numerals? No. No, I can't people. The only thing I can do is rearrange them until they're aesthetically pleasing, and live with the fact that I'm now 9 years younger than when I began. It's science, people. You can't argue with the universe. (disgusted eye roll)

Birthdays rock, BBF's. Can I hear a WOOT WOOT! (fist pumps in the air with bat wing arms swinging to the beat)


Cherie said...

Well A Happy Happy Birthday to you Mzzzz LIsa!!

Full of goodness and Love from your family and friends - awesome!!

I am totally coveting all of your new Halloween goodness as I LOVE Halloween and Witches and Hats!!

We have the same Scentsy warmer which must mean you are cool or you have joined my dork world???

Either way HOpe Your Birthday Rocks!!

Vern said...

Glad you had a good one!

Just a bed of roses said...
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Kay said...

It's delightful to live vicariously through such a fun person!

.E. said...

happy birthday lovely lisa.. have an awesome day.. hugs from western new york

Mimi Sue said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you didn't get all the good stuff from Brenda. She has the BEST things. I must get down there this week and see what she has left. I'm not transposing any numbers! My numbers would make me 85!! 95 in October!! Yikes!! Mimi

Garden of Egan said...

So so so sorry that I missed the parade of the aging of the homecoming queen. Sounds like you totally scored!
IPad? You don't have dumb babies after all!

43? You are just a pup!

Happy Birthday!

Holly said...

Lovin' your witchy additions!! AWESOME family and friends to know JUST what you'd like!! ;D

I'm sorry I've been so out of touch and missed wishing you a happy birthday!!! Happy BELATED birthday!! I will make it up to you!! ((HUGS))