Saturday, May 21, 2011


Some day, when I'm awfully low, and the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you...and the way you looked...last night. (totally using this if she's dating a doofus and I need to break them up)

The best of friends~Jules and Shaniqua Porquita

Yesterday, Jules was at a church activity, where her awesome leaders taught the darling pre-teen girls how to make scripture cookies. So cleaning up today, I came upon the well as a special message she and her friend were sending back and forth to each other, as clearly, the spiritual nature of the activity overcame them both. Here is Julia's portion, verbatim and as follows:

"*Shaniqua Porquita (*name changed to protect the innocent) is weird, nasty and crazy and thinks 2+2=62 and eats boogers out of people's noses and licks dogs poo and eats eyeballs and then the eyeballs fall out of her butt."

Now I'm not completely certain why these girls were busy writing such...poetry...and from what Jules says, it was a collaborative joke. What I do know is that this is a proud, proud day for me, as a mother. And I can only hope and pray that someday you get to experience the very same thing.

From my mouth to God's ears.

You're welcome.


Jennifer said...

Shaniqua's mother was equally proud upon finding her daughters own recipe notes.

Just a bed of roses said...

Jules and Shaniqua are adorable friends...I can just imagine the giggles that must go on when those two are together!

You two mothers...BRACE YOURSELVES!

.E. said...

No.. you lick dog poop.. hahahahahh.. oh my.. wonderful.. I had a kid get in trouble on the bus in kindergarten for drawing army men with guns.. one of the two neighbor girls at the time.. had him write their names under some of the stick figures.. so one girl got all upset because it looked like she was getting shot.... he totally got manipulated by these girls who back then both had crushes on him... hahah and whamo.. my kids gets in trouble on the bus it was quite the tado. may have scarred him for life... or at least has taught him that girls are manipulative even at the age of 5 when it comes to boys.. its inate.

Vanessa said...

wow, that is profound... I am so looking forward to times like that.

Sunshine said...

snort-- My own Shaniqua was talking to her wonderful cousin about road kill and how it really bugs her "that people just leave the road kill on the road. They should, like, pick it up or something and not just leave it there.-"
Cousin "eeewwwwweee, that's gross."
Daughter: "they can use gloves, like heavy duty road kill gloves."

Not as colorful as licking dog poop bugers, but hey let's clean the world up a bit peeps. Stop leaving your road kill RIGHT.IN.THE.MIDDLE.OF.THE ROAD!

Sunshine said...

humpf... *boogers* or however you spell that damn word!

Krista said...

"Boogers" is the correct spelling. I happen to be a correct speller of boogers and diarrhea. It's sad. Lisa, I am at work and I burst out laughing at that and if my coworkers didn't think I lived on my own crazy little planet before - well they do now. As Mr. Halliday used to always say: "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."