Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hey there, muh peeps! Or, should I say, "HEY Y'ALL!"

Okay, so here is today's Ashville, Noeth Cerlawna conversation overheard in the department store.

Darling little grandmama southern belle tugging a snug sweater over her ample bosom~

"Oh, wheel you lookey theyah. Ah managed to squeeeeeze into this heyah sweatah, even though it's only a saz...WHUT IN's a LAWJ? Heeyah I thowt this whole tam, ah was wearin' a smawal! Oh! That is jus' terribahl. Ah thowt it was a smawl. But it's a LAWJ!"

And her sweet little friend just smiled at both their reflections in the mirror, without saying a word.

HOW DELIGHTFUL! When I passed by the same rack a few minutes later, she was still there, primping and preening, and pulling at that same lawj sweatah. So I blessed her heart, gave her some sugah, and took another bite of my pecan log.

Wish you were hear, darlin's.

But you're not.

So I'm eating for both of us.


Jackie said...

Oh the south! Love it.

But aren't the people so nice?!

reasonably chubby said...

Hahaha!! Love it! Welcome to the South, dahlin', you already sound like the pride of Dixie. You've got it down pat- Put on some Elvis music and a tiara and call it a day! I love me some southerners...wait, I am one.NO wonder all my clothes are so damn tight.

Cherie said...

So cute - I think you got the "drawl" down! It's contagious isn't it -Ha Ha!!
My SIL is from Asheville and I swear she has the cutest accent ever. When they come for a holiday or something we always end up talking like her :-D

Mimi Sue said...

I just love southern belles and the funny way they speak. We once had a neighbor from Arkansas and she came over to borrow some alll. You know, alll so she could bake a cake. Took me a few minutes to figure out what the heck she wanted. Have another pecan log for me...Mimi

The Martos Fudge said...

Now, Now, ther ain't notting wrong wit tha south... I am from TN and I believe you found my next door neighbor. Man I though I had a hard time understanding them when they talk. But it is much worse to read it... It hearts my eyes. Love it.

T said...

I had to read that out loud, just to enjoy it more... and now everyone who talks to me today will have to put up with my fake Southern accent. (I wonder how many times I can work the word Lawj into conversation today?)

Kara Elmore said...

OHhh I LOVE the south .... love it love it LOVE IT! And AMAZING how you can be there for only a few days and SUDDENLY YOU ARE SOUTHERN! like .... all the time. And you see your self living there ... and you try to get your husband to sell all he owns so you can be a REAL southern GAL - and you just kNOW you're going to run into Paul Dean - and you'll be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!

I wish I was there with you. And I text Nicki and she said that you weren't having ANY fun without me. And she said you hadn't gone shopping - and that you hadn't eaten lots of yummy food - and that I would NOT be sad I wasn't there ... because NOTHING FUN WAS HAPPENING ... right???????

Anonymous said...

Lard Darathy!!!...Anony :)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

SOUNDS so good to HEAR from you and all.

Holly said...

I think I'm adaptable. LOL! I pretty much lost my southern twang... But when I'm down and around it again... it creeps back up a bit. Hehehe!!

Just reporting that your kids were being good for your parents in church yesterday! (As if...) I was there for Nate Dewey's "Coming Home" talk. ;D

I know you're lovin' it and feeling like a southern belle princess, but UT NEEDS YOU... so "Ya'all come back naow, ya' hea'?"!!! (((HUGS)))

Natalie said...

Oh, You are bring me back in time to when I was a Southern Belle for all of 1 week. I love, LOVE, love this post!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm wishing you had photographic evidence of all that squeezin' and stuff.
I think that would rock.

SJ said...

Hilariously True! We moved to the South 10 yrs ago from SLC, Utah. Your bro. in law is our Stake Pres. and I came across your blog on your sisters FB. You are hilarious and this Southern talk is so spot on! I am afraid to say I sound a bit like them after 10 yrs. Probably your sister too? :)