Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Welcome to Fall...

A view from our Sunset Maple. Heavenly Father was SO on his game when he created trees.

My witch collection. Izoldi is in the middle with the 'substantial' chin. 'Member how I told you about her? She lived under our bed when we were little.

My latest addition. And I'm pretty confident those are extensions...nobody's eyelashes are THAT long, people.

Another new witchy-pooh. The kids find her frightening, but I think they just realize she can see through their soul.

Stairwell garland.

View into the library. Jesus watches what you pull up on the Internet in there, so, you know...

Autumn sunshine on a festive wreath. God Bless America.

A farewell bloom just for me. Simply because they love me...and I give them candy when you're not looking.


reasonably chubby said...

Gorgeous and beautiful!!... and I'll be there tomorrow-have my bed ready, which by the way I prefer 300 count cotton sheets. I knew you'd want to know. :)

Anonymous said...

Did I give you permission to take pictures of my house??? I think NOT!!

Three words...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Love you and your beautiful house!..Anony :)

The Martos Fudge said...

Beautiful, I love it. LOVE the colors and season the weather. Yay. Love the witches too. I may have one for your collection do you take a Spanish Mother in law? She kind of looks like the last one you got up there. HAHAH. I am evil I KNOW!

Jackie said...

Will you please come decorate my house. How have super rad style!

Also, there is that porch with those swings tempting me to come steal the again...

Natalie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Once again I feel like a failure in the decorating department.... Oh well, I want all your amazing things when your are sick and tired of them!! Ooooo, something for me to look forward to. :)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

June Cleaver would be happy living in these pictures.

Smart parenting...I mean Jesus in the library, brilliant. You must be so inspired.

Poor children...having to sleep in a June Cleaver home with those witches, they WILL BE damaged for life...for sure.

It is obvious that your blooms love, sugar huh?

Thanks for sharing Lisa, it looks like the most wonderful time of year there...just had a thought, now aren't you having Thanksgiving at your house?

maybe our invitation got LOST in the mail? We're family you know.

Holly said...


Hmmm... the frightening witch actually looks a little like my grandma before she passed... but she had shorter hair. LOL! Hmmm... Maybe my mom? I'll have to go find my mom dressed as a witch and compare! HAH!!

OH! And thanks for finding my eyelashes!! (Yeah... how come all my BOYS got LONG lashes and me and my girl gor CHEATED??? Just WRONG!!)

I'm SO GLAD you're back! (((HUGS)))

Mimi Sue said...

Adorable witch collection! I'm partial to them myself. My kids will tell you it's because every now and then I act like one. You do have a gorgeous home. I think we'd all like to see more of it. GREAT weather for roses. Wish it would last another month. haha. Mimi

One Cluttered Brain said...

Move over! I'm moving in!
Your house is very beautifully decorated.
I'll take over K?
You live in Mesquite.
Love ya!

Cherie said...

Your.House.IS.Gorgeous!! And can I just tell you how I covet your witches- THEY ARE FABULOUS!!! Oh my I could just look at this blog post all day!!

Kara Elmore said...

YOu know ... I'm disappointed in you... You CLEARLY can not decorate. I mean .... really now. And your VERY BROWN HOME. Disgusting. Brown brown brown. NO color. NO personality. WHERE have I steered you wrong. So the other day when I picked up those books I'm not returning ... I saw the maple trees and thought "why did they plant THOSE - they should have just done one of those kidney shaped cement things like everyone else" ... that way you would've just blended in. Because we like to blend in. And I was so sad that your house was just this teeny little thing ... looked sad to me. I'm sorry that you have to drive up to it everyday. Breaks my heart for you. Well - punkin... I'll bake you some bread and bring it to you to see if I can cheer you up. Would that help??

btw - one of those witches look REAL! SEriously - freaked me OUT!

Melly :] said...

Ahhh... You make me soooo HOMESICK!! I'm coming to visit you this weekend when I come! To enjoy the festivities or.... just raid your candy stash... who are we kidding... I don't need help from candy.. I got the freshman 15 goin on. Yeah Boi!!
Love ya Lis!