Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Husband is let down. No blog from Lisa today. So sad. I'm repentant. Here it is.





That reminds me of a story my dad used to tell us every night when we'd beg for a masterpiece and he had only enough energy for drivel. It went like this:

"I'll tell you a story, of Reevy-o-norie. And now, my story's begun...
I'll tell you another, about his brother. And now, my story is done."

We hated those two lines more than a bowl full of slobbery beef stew. The moment we heard the first refrain, we would GROAN AND HOWL~"DAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!! NOOOOOOO FAAAAAAIIIIRRRRR!!! THAT'S NOT A STORY! WE HAAAAAAAAATE THAT STORY! TELL US A REAL ONE!"

And he usually would. Bless his exhausted heart. He'd tug at his tie and we'd scootch over, making room for the author. A favorite? Izoldi. She was a witch. She lived under the bed. I have a dazzling Halloween witch collection, and my very first acquisition was an hysterical paper mache hag. She has twiddling pointy fingers, painted red nails, giant gold hoop earrings, a buck toothed smile and about 18 strands of black hay hair. She's beautiful. And she's my Izoldi.

Another was the story of Cinderella and her two "sisty uglers."

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (We would HOWL with laughter!) "DAD! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SAY IT! SAY IT AGAIN!" And he'd tell us the sisty ugler's names~Anastasia and Drucilla ( I thought he said Drizilla, which was even funnier!)~two names that were said to be common in days of long ago and far away, but were a SCREAM to children of the 70's. He'd say them with a grimace and a nasal tone that would throw us over the edge of sanity!

Two little girls, dressed in pink and blue penoir sets, arms thrown across our foreheads as we lay in our white and gold princess canopy bed. Tears streaming past our ears, into our hair and settling on our pillows as we stared at the ceiling and listened with joy and rapture to our DAD...THE FUNNIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!

And he was.

Still is.

I am the "Reevy" to my father's "Izoldi."

And now my story is done.


Kay said...

Wait, wait! He's so funny telling stories (got it from his Mama) that I envy you. But it's Mother's Day this Sunday, not Father's Day :o) Oh well, maybe you can talk about your Mom for Father's Day, eh? Very cute blog.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Oh Lisa, this is one of my very FAVORITE'S...and you know I LOVE THEM ALL!

You mean HE got it from HIS MOTHER?

You know YOUR children are going to pass YOU ON to THEIR children! how fun is that to think of?
Very touching.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I was the story teller in my family...always making up adventures for my younger brothers and sisters.

Sounds like you have an awesome Dad!

McClendon said...

He is an awesome dad and he's MY cousin. The story-telling goes back at least another generation. Our grandma was peerless at spinning a yarn as she had lived an interesting life and was able to see the humor in all of it.

Krista said...

You must have all inherited his sense of humor. I must say my humor is much better than hubby's and it always makes me proud to see the kids have ONE small trait of mine when they knock me over with one of their quick remarks. *sigh*