Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey, this is kind of important. I have 98 beautiful people who feel of one heart and one mind with me, enough to actually put their money where their mouth is~or put their face on my followers~same thing.

I need two more. (She said sheepishly)

I know. Pathetic. In fact, I'm rolling my disgusted eyeballs at me, right along with you.

It's called being an attention whore, friends. And it's pretty clear that you've turned me into one, so don't go acting all, "What is up with Lisa? Why is she so needy?" Because you knew what I was when you picked me up, mm kay pumpkins?

Mm kay.

Anyway, I'm looking around the room for something to offer you~you know, to make it worth your while. Right now, I see a beautiful blue vintage crystal candy dish...with YOUR NAME (on the leftover candy canes inside.) PLUS, I'm throwing in a gum box with 7 Chiclets still remaining! AND..."Technic is Fun" piano workbook! That's right! Because—I think we all concur—Technic really IS fun.

So come on out, friends! COME OUT INTO THE FRESH, GAPING JANUARY INVERSION AIR! Let the smog settle deep in your pores, as you remove the bushel and instead, let the light of following Blue and Shoe shine bright on the hill of blog!

In conclusion, just like a delightful old Primary song that we used to roll our arms to, "Do as I'm doing...follow, follow me!"



T said...

mmmmmm... Chiclets remind me of being 7 years old and visiting my grandpa at his insurance office (they had them in little tiny boxes for the clients)...

and if I could follow you again I would... sadly there is only one of me... I know - if only we could clone me a few times the world would be a better place AND you'd have more followers.

Stef said...

My 10 year old just started a blog. I could let him follow you except for that Instant Tummy Tuck ad under you post might cause some unpleasant conversations. Hmmmm... I seriously can't believe you don't have 1k followers, you are so hilarious!!

Julianna said...

Hey, look at that, you're up to 99! And, I already do stalk you're welcome :)

PS... when I fist started I made a profile for Almost Hubs to follow me publicly so I could have all my "followers" in a perfect square. :)

Mimi Sue said...

Well, looks like you made it to 100! Congratulations! I'm one of your very first followers so remember me when you're richer and more famous. Love the idea of wedding dress rentals. When each of my 3 girls got married I was shocked that they didn't want to wear my 1972 model. OK it was a little yellow, and totally a hippy lace, long mutton sleeve number, but where was there sentimentality?
I got the eye roll, oh mother, sigh. That just hurt. Mimi

Anonymous said...

So will I be BOOTED off of blueandshoe because I've NEVER signed up? I know, you just may disown me but it really isn't my fault. It's technology's fault cuz I don't know how to do it!!! You know your "cute paper with stickers on it" for sign-up sheets? Well that's me. What I've done is put robyn's egg blue shoe stickers all over my computer. That should maybe make up for it?! Right?! Besides, I can't sign up anyway...I wouldn't be able to sign it "Anony" And that name goes back to the very beginnings of blueanshoe! :) Love you...ANONY :)

Holly said...

YAY!! You are THERE!!! ;D

Shall we clap our hands above our heads for this next verse?? HEY!! are you trying to make us more physically active while sitting on our BEE-HINDS at the computer??? LOL!! 10 pts for YOU!!

Hey ANONY... When you sign up, put ANONY as your first name and all your dreams will come TRUE!! I bet Lisa would even help you set it up!! LOL!! (((HUGS)))

The Martos Fudge said...

HAha, way to go, you made it... Maybe i should start to petition too. Love your blog.

Lisa said...

Oh, you guys are the best! LOVE you! And Anony, you will never be booted...because you put up with MY shortcomings, how can I ever call you out on YOURS? Especially since you don't have any? :)

Meredith said...

You crack me up Lisa! I'd love to follow, follow you! ... I guess I thought I was already. sorry about that... problem solved! Love ya!