Monday, January 17, 2011


What I bought this weekend~$9.99 at TJ Maxx.

What Sterling bought this weekend~not $9.99. Seems he's halfway to dead, on account of this mid-life crisis on custom wheels.

In other news, Chrissy was asked to Preference~fun to live vicariously through children.

Jules and her magical hair, palming a polka dot balloon. Skill.


Accidental Photographer said...

Was it just the wheels Sterling bought? or the truck AND wheels? Either way... I like it... Great choice!!!

The Martos Fudge said...

Hum, My husband just told me this week he is buying an airplane when he is 40. Will that be a midlife crisis? And why is he planning it already? But I do love trucks. So way to go.

Amberlee said...

You know I am totally "simpatico" with you on this one.

I am only biding my time, here. I've been getting the hint dropping (like a hammer to my head) about new trucks for a few months now. Don't know how much longer I can hold him off.

Why is it they just can't have the truck? All of a sudden they add the tires, and the exhaust, and then they're 'chipping' it for something... I mean honestly don't they know less is more. Honestly even when we buy a new outfit you can only wear one pair of shoes with it (OK and jewelry, maybe a new bag, or earrings but that's not my point).

Garden of Egan said...

Nice wheels.
He wears it well.

Hairing the balloon....I swear your life rocks!!!!!

Lisa said...

Chet, it's the TRUCK. Wish that it were only the wheels and tires. I'll tell him you approve and he'll be glad.

Martos, A PLANE? So what do you get when YOU turn 40? I'll help you plan.

Amberlee, good luck. The boys are going hand in hand into debt. You and I will take a class on dress making out of gunne sacks, okay? And then we'll wear our SHOES with them to turn it into a huge fashion statement. :)

Tauna, it totally does rock. Thank you for noticing.:)

Stef said...

Ha. Wow! You shoulda gone for something bigger. Who knew!!!
Love the hairball...that is sheer talent, I tell ya!
Did he say yes???

Just a bed of roses said...

Wow I like Binghams Mid life crisis...all in red.
Burlap is so "IN" right now, can't wait to see those shoes!
My husband painted his 68 mustang red when he turned 40...then 16 year old son dumped it into ditch one day going to school.
Keep one of those slit eyes on him Lisa!

Mimi Sue said...

A new truck is waaaay better (and waaay cheaper) than a new girlfriend. Which sometimes happens when they turn a certain age. One of our neighbors wanted to quit his job and buy a commercial fishing boat when he started feeling half way to dead. So see, it could've been much worse! By the way, you have the most talented kids. Mimi

Jackie said...

Wow. Next midlife crisis can he buy me a van?

That hair is AMAZING!

The Martos Fudge said...

Ok Lisa, I am either dumb or stupid. I don't know how to email you, I don't have your email and I don't know where to find it. First name is Vanessa I guess I did pretty good at hiding that, I didn't realize I didn't have that out there... I will blog about it. my email is shoot me one and I will send you my address.

Holly said...

LOVE it ALL!! So ha "Chrissy" asked "Ster" for the keys yet? BAHAHA... Rich STILL has never let Ben drive his RAM! POOR BEN... Hehehe!

The tier plate rocks and Jules hair is AMAZING!!

I have to tell you, I LAUGHED so hard when I read your comment about seeing that CRAZY haired (hatted) man of mine driving down the street... He seriously LOVES that crazy thing... Remember... he even had it when we went to Krista's. He's a NUT!! (That he's married to one of a different nature is BESIDE the pint...) ;p