Monday, November 22, 2010


I think you'll be proud of me. As many of you know, I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and may I just state for the record, that there is nothing quite so exhilarating as crossing things off a list. Things such as:

*Make a list-check
*Clean out my purse-check
*Get the mail-check
*Pick up Kleenex with my toes-check
*Eat a pile of pistachios-check
*Pick up kids from school-check
*Park at the grocery store and tweeze a few stray hairs-check
*Go to Tepanyaki for steak and shrimp-(burp) check

Now I know what you're thinking. How does she do it? How does Princess Lisa continue to amaze us all with her list making triumphs? Well, it's a talent, friends. A skill I've honed over years and years of procrastination. I eventually realized that the only way I was going to feel successful, was to write things that were highly likely to happen on their own.

Kind of like giving out trophies for "participant". Shines just the same as first place, and you can't really tell what it was for, unless you get close enough to read the engraving. So for all you know, when you see all those pretty red check marks on my THANKSGIVING TO DO's, you assume I'm accomplishing the hell out of things.

And I am.

Holy junk, that shrimp was tasty. I'm adding that to my list one more time.


Krista said...

Awesome list, Lisa! I need one like that. This week it will be, "Sleep, eat Jello, take Percocet, sleep." Oh, and leave obnoxious comments on blogs & FB (after the Percocet and before sleep). Thanks for making me laugh inside - where it's not quite so painful.

Stef said...

Haha. This is hilarious! And why not! That is so my kind of list! Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a bed of roses said...

May I add: take the hot bubble bath and get the candles ready for the blizzard.
Your ready Lisa...
We had to add make more food to our list as emergency appendectomy for pregnant daughter in law yesterday along with daughter flying into salt lake tonight in mid blizzard...?
Thank goodness for fake nails and clairol.
I need something for Knot in stomach today...maybe high dose of Hersheys.

Anonymous said...

You need to add to your list:
*Scrape turkey do-do from bottom of feet
*Thaw neighbors turkey on counter, maybe even cook it for her
*Replenish said neighbor with gobs and gobs of poop ice and Dr. Pepper

You are indeed such a giver Princess Lisa! That should do it! Oh, and of course, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Love ya, Anony :)

Sunshine said...

* get out of bed -check
* get out of bed and stand up -check
* walk around thinking of all the things you need to add to your list and then forget them, and go back to bed - check

You rock! check!

reasonably chubby said...

Haha! :) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...keep up the good work, eat lots of pie, and make sure you add 'refuse to clean toilets, they just get dirty anyway' to the list.

.E. said...

You truly are amazing...I bow to your greatness

Julianna said...

Glad to see mail pick up made the list. This does a maillady proud. :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

The only reason you are not running around mad is because your house is already beautifully decorated all the time like yourself, and you don't have to worry about stuff like that.
People will feel welcome at your house.
Heck, if you serve then steak and shrimp, they'll stay...
Have a happy Thanksgiving Lisa!

Shellie said...

I always know where to go if I need a good laugh. You are hilarious with your stories, I especially got a kick a about your pedicure. Haha I always hear "pik a colour honey" Too funny and I've been there before, except for the part where you drop the magazines in the water...that had to be the ultimate walk of shame in the Vietnamese chop shop. So sorry for you on that day. Smile :)

Holly said...

Now that's MY kind of list!!

Especially the TEPANYAKI part (minus the shrimp, though... sorry... allergies...) MMMMMmmmmm.... that is a rare TREAT for me. If i had MY way, it would be MORE FREQUENT!!

Looking for your Thanksgiving TELL ALL post!!! Heehee... Ours was actually pretty GOOD!! No DRAMA!! WOOHOO!!! (((HUGS)))