Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I went to have a shower yesterday. Found out that the furnace/boiler had stopped working sometime the previous night. Or...perhaps...mid morning encroaching into noonday. On account of it may or may not have been officially afternoon when I stuck my toes into the freezing water.

I realized I had a decision to make. Do I call my husband who has been at work since the rump crack of dawn, and admit that my facade of being anxiously engaged is a sham, as I am JUST NOW realizing my plight? Or do I slather pits in deodorant and work some baseball cap magic, in order to keep up pretenses?

In the end, I shampooed in icicles that dripped from the faucet, turning my brain blood to slush, so that I might not have another elephant pooh hair encounter. Then throwing dignity to the wind, I called and came clean (figuratively) to my man.

And lucky for me, I am the only finger pointer/head bobber in this household, thus hubbie didn't even raise a fiber optic eyebrow. Just picked up the parts and fixed it like the brilliant mechanic that he is. And I wish I could say I learned my lesson. That from this day forward, I will jump out of bed and fling my flappy body into the refreshing mist without missing a beat. But the Lord hates liars.

He told me so when we were talking about...well, I shouldn't say.

(pointing finger...but totally not at you ;) )


Holly said...

This is my experience if I attempt to go in after 13yo who thinks he should LOUNGE in the shower for an HOUR... (OK, maybe I exaggerate, but just a little...) Or sometimes he'll jump in the main WHILE I'm in MINE... GAH!! I LOATHE cold showers.

See, you're just so efficient with a schedule and all... I jump in whenever in the day I feel like it... be it 2am, 10am, 4pm... LOL!! You're SO GOOD!!! (((HUGS)))

Julianna said...

See, and when that happens to me, I can only be mad at myself for not checking the propane. :) Glad it's fixed.

Salt H2O said...

I would warm water up on the stove and fill and pretend I was Laura Ingles before washing in ice.

Mimi Sue said...

Yes! Let's play Little House on the Prairie! OK let's not. I hear cold showers are good for your skin or something. Mimi