Friday, December 3, 2010


Favorite collectibles~all spindly legs and bulging bellies.

Magnificent Victorian glitter fest snow babies.

Porcelain Victorian ornament/doll.

Sparkling crystal earrings and necklace.

Vintage patent leather envelope clutch.

Enormous emerald ring, on account of I like to put on airs.

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS "STUFF" FINDS~for me, of course~on account of who knows me better than me does? And because I'm so generous, money was no object.

Brenda is my favorite. She owns Just a Bed of Roses, which is also my favorite. Both favorites. My sisters and mom and friends celebrate all chick holidays by a visit to her threshold. We even set goals together. This year, we decided I need to work at wearing more necklaces. Now how many shop owners do YOU know that are this vested in the betterment of their clientele? None, people. 'Cept for Brenda. Only thing wrong with her is she celebrates with Christmas spiders. I know. Really, really creepy.

But she deserves to be forgiven this one heinous flaw. So take a flying leap to Farmington and get your own stuff. Then you wrap it up and put it under your tree, and tag it to you from your own husband, which is basically like hiding it in plain sight. You won't even have to shove it behind your dresses in the closet, and then bring it out a few months later, acting surprised that he's never noticed it before now.

Not that I've ever done that.

You're weird.


T said...

my favorite is when I finally take it OUT of the closet and wear it... he asks "is that new?" and I saw "oh this, I've had it for MONTHS"...

like the shoes I wore Wednesday for the first time since buying them in August :)

Just a bed of roses said...

Lisa Lisa Lisa...who is smarter than You?
To buy your OWN giftS, wrap, put under the tree from your husband is brilliant. Then share with us your Peeps...always giving. sigh.

Always love you and your family coming in, sure it's more of a treat for us. And your vocabulary describing your Christmas finds, I need lessons or could you just rewrite/edit my blog each day?

Guilty of pretty spider Love.

May I invite your peeps to visit us a Just a bed of roses, if you mention this blog post we will give you 20% off ONE item of your choice each week until Christmas!(excluding consignment items)

I'm a giver too!

It's always a suprise to visit Lisa's blog whatever the subject matter is, right peeps!

Just a bed of roses said...

p.s. T, you are the one I want to meet most of all...very curious who you are. You make me laugh. Of course if we have to buy an airline ticket...will have to stay curious!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

whuuut. How can I live next door to Farmington and not know about this shop? I must go.

Lisa said...

Yeah, Damsel, how can you? It's right across from the courthouse. Small, lovely antique shop. Go, and tell me what you buy. It's vicarious shopping pleasure for me.

Holly said...

Oh... you had me at "FINDS ~ for me" ;D Shhh.... you can't give away the SECRETS of hiding and coming out and ... "Oh THIS??? I got it a while back..." *sigh*

Perhaps I'll have to check out Brenda's shop, too. ;D