Monday, November 16, 2009


So I nearly drop-kicked hubbie through the door and into his truck this morning...cuz he told me last night that he was "determined to go to work tomorrow." And I mumbled under my breath, that I was determined that he would go to work tomorrow. And this is tomorrow. So he's at work. Where he should be. Kind of reverse when pig-men say they're "keepin' their womenfolk barefoot-n-pregnant and in the home~WHERE THEY BELONG!" the pig-ladies say they're "keepin' their menfolk shoe-shod and earnin' money~WHERE THEY BELONG!" And it's true~no apologies for my backwoods mentality. It's the way the Good Lord wants it and who am I to argue with the Good Lord?

Anyway, I had like, oh, an hour and 45 minutes aaaaaalllll to myself...I KNOW! Come to mama!

So many possibilities, so little time! I got anxious just trying to decide how to spend it~wasted several precious seconds~I could nap, or read, or watch some trashy Lifetime drama...which I don't even know why that came to mind, since it's totally NOT something I would do (prove it)...maybe YOU would, and who would I be to judge? I mean, you are who you are, you know? But for me, and I'm not trying to sound superior because actions speak louder than words and I sicken myself with my own humility sometimes~like right now I want to gag writing this...must be the humility~ but for me, that just seems like a journey to the dark side~scary.

And remember, it's all about the light on the hill?~which comes back to making/eating caramels. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Where was I? Oh, some trashy TV show. I would never waste my time on that. ( She killed him, and he totally deserved it. He wouldn't go to work and he left open tuna fish cans all over the house.)

ANYWAY...the credits were just rolling, when the phone rang. It was Jules. She said she was sick.

DAMMITALLTOHELL. (she said tenderly)

I told her she'd need to demonstrate her condition...that I wasn't willing to take her at her word. It took a little convincing on her part..some coughing and talk of puking and a little bit of sobbing~but she eventually won me over. The office staff glared at me when I arrived to pick her up. But I explained...

"MAN-SICK," I said. Then I held up my fingers to show them how many days it had been going on. Unspoken communication. Sympathy eyes all around. They went back to their work without another eyebrow raised. There but for the grace of God go they. 'Nuff said.

Hence, here I am again, with another person needing compassion, love and charity. And am I willing to give it? Well, here's the fascinating thing.......Yes!

I know. Weird. But apparently it has something to do with merit, and I find kindness coursing through my veins for my daughter. I want to feed her and tuck her in with snuggy blankies, and I check her forehead gently for any sign of fever. And probably, should she leave a tuna fish can open in the middle of the floor, I would bend over and pick it up and toss it in the garbage without a single thought of flipping her the bird or making ugly, mocking faces...behind her back, of course...(no witnesses~that's very important, folks.)

Therefore, this can only mean one thing...Sterling didn't receive compassion because he didn't deserve compassion. Who knew? And I don't know how I intuitively knew it, but I did.

Must be a "spirichal" gift~(a reward for caramel making.)


Anonymous said...

OH. MY. HECK. For the love of all that is good and holy!

I have one question. Were you ALL ready for the day when the phone call came or did you go to the school with your night gown on? Cuz if that were me, I was STILL in my nightgown 'til 11:30. Come to think of it, my son is STILL in his jammies and it's 3:10pm. You know what that track time!!

I KNEW I shouldn't have hugged Jules this morning when she brought me the ice (BTW--thank you :D )but how could I not as she stands there with a beautiful smile on her face? Dang my COMPASSION!!!

Hang in there my friend!

Lewis Family said...

Oh I love it! But have to know... does your husband read this??? Sitting here laughing to myself and praying Ryan doesn't get sick any time too soon!!!

kara elmore said...

First of all .... if it was ME as the mother I would've said "OK, Jules - here's the THING ... I will come get you (as soon as I'm ready for the day) IF ... and this is a HUGE promise on YOUR part ... IF you promise me that you'll NEVER.EVER.EVER CUT YOUR HAIR!"

If the answer was yes ... then SURE go pick her up and be compassionate. Otherwise - Marin would've done it for you. Maybe.

And girls get MUCH more compassion because they're sweet and cute and their hair just lays there, pretty, on the couch and they hug you and say "i love you SO much mommy". Man-sick-whores. no. They don't.

Lisa said...

Yes, the dear boy reads it. And he knows I still choose to stay married to him, so I must really mean it when I make covenants. Plus then he buys me chocolates and makes dinner on Sundays, so in the end, it's a wash. However, this week TOTALLY puts him in the hole. A GIANT, TWELVE FOOT HOLE that needs to be taken very seriously.

Lisa said...

Geez, I wish I'd thought to gain something in return for picking her up before she puked. Urgency was totally on my side and I'm ashamed for not having been sharper.

See? I need you living here to remind me of how to be manipulative. And you're right. Not a moment's trouble with her being sick. She actually said, "Mom, I've realized that when you're sick, you don't have to be frowny and sad. You can actually smile and stuff and still be sick." Then I told her about her man-sick pappy and we had a girl bonding experience together. Good times. :)

kara elmore said...

NOW that is what it's ALLLLLLL about ... bonding w/ the child who has pretty hair!