Monday, November 23, 2009


Bought me some stuff. And remember how I feel about stuff? Happy, happy stuff. The bright light in my eyes. The reason for matter to exist~so as to form stuff. Heavenly Father created me, and then he made stuff FOR me. He's thoughtful like that.


And stuff.

This particular stuff is going to be VINTAGE DECOR for my freshly painted basement rec room. We finally hired it out, as we painted it ourselves a couple of years ago and it never quite "meshed" with what my brain had in mind. In fact, Brain was a little bit angry when it saw what had turned out.

"What the H?" Brain demanded. "Who thought of this? Seriously, whose idea was that?"

I shrank into the background and tried to slink away~but Brain pointed a finger at me and began to shake it violently, "YOU! I should have known!"

I started to sob, "I'll fix it, OK? I'm sorry, Brain, I'm sorry! I'll fix it!" Brain was disgusted and unmoved by my tears. Brain hates me sometimes.

But you know, it wasn't entirely my fault what happened down there, as husband was quick to shirk. And by shirk, I mean halfway through the process, he handed the bucket and roller to the oh so detail oriented 16 year old son and said, "Here. You finish." And husband walked away. I am not even shizzing you!

No instructions, no pointers, no guidance whatsoever.

"It's for his own good. (mine) I'm trying to make him a MAN, Lis. (I'm tired and a slacker.) That's how the boy will learn. (to hate painting...and me.) He'll figure it out." (I'm going to pour me a Coke with lime.)

And he did figure it out. To the horror of Brain and the walls of my home. They wept at what they'd become.

Enter the professional painter, robin's egg blue walls, white bead board and my stuff! ~ Cherry red frames around classic calendar prints...a red leather and chrome step stool chair...more vintage prints with the likes of freckled little boys eating baked beans in cowboy hats, to 1950's housewives in heels and crinoline, with red lipstick smiles...a reproduction pay phone...vintage model cars...huge floral pillows tossed on the furniture...and me smiling at the potential for happiness and joy with a colorful, magnificent pile of stuff.

Bless stuff's heart.

(I told you I'd fix it, Brain. Now shut it.)


kara elmore said...

AMAZINGLY enough AGAiN - the ad is a vintage picture of scrooge. But not that SCROOGE is the focus here... but rather the VINTAGE image of him.

Ohhh my brain told me it's pleased with you. With your brain. With what you have become. Over the years of being surrounded by brown. My brain can feel that anger in the brown and wants me to relay to you that it's PROUD of you for not being submissive to the angry brown.

My brain also wants you to know that STUFF makes me happy too. Stuff and S*! And what you described is a palace. Ohhh a palace of pretty. And whomever doesn't agree IS NOT INVITED. We're welcoming like that.

Lisa said...

It's official! It really does choose ads according to the words in my blog. I'm going to have to be really, really careful from now on...or have a ball with it.


Let's just see what it does with that, eh? Oh, never mind. I don't think it works with the comment section.

I feel kind of powerful, all of a sudden.