Saturday, December 12, 2009


I've got gobs and gobs and gobs and gobs and GOBS of stuff to do tonight, since tomorrow we'll have around 250 people tramping through our home, (jealous?) expecting a "light lunch" and another cuss-load (guess what curse word that was supposed to be?) of people coming for dessert.

Hence, I am sitting here on the computer telling you about it, because sometimes I'm just too darn tootin' on the ball, (boing bounce) and it starts to make people feel dizzy and uncomfortable as they watch me bounce circles around them while I straddle the springy sphere, because obviously they'll never be the sharp tack that I am (which is weird that I haven't popped my bouncy-horse-ball because of said sharpness) and I hate to make people feel poorly about themselves...because I'm thoughtful like that, remember? So I'm not going to do those gobs of things right now. For you.

But if past experience has taught me anything, it's that nobody else is going to do those gobs, either. Which leads us down a path of "gobless" and that is not a journey we want to take the night before the hordes arrive, people. Because then I'll just blame you...and then you'll be offended...and likely talk about me behind my blog...and we'll start to avoid each other...and things will just get "weird."

So maybe I've misjudged this "being thoughtful" idea and had better get off my cuss (guess which one THAT was?) and get going on those gobs.

By the way, how clean do you suppose my carpets will be post hordes and gobs?

Yeah. I know.

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kara elmore said...

I personally have thought that for YEARS you were just a lolly-gagger and just loved brown things and only ate healthy items from your tree. I am mistaken. I apologize for the way I have MISinterpreted your "style". Carry on ball bouncer. May it NEVER pop.

Btw - I have a REALLY strong tack that I'll mail you.