Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi. Lisa here.

I've been decorating my miniature doll house for Christmas~thus it seemed appropriate to shrink my font. And by "my" I mean not my, but should be my, because "her" doesn't really even appreciate it, because "her" wears football costumes and wants to be a boy. Well, maybe not BE a boy, but BURP like one anyway.

So, I've been decorating this incredible Victorian mansion, which my brilliant and talented son built for his sister last year for Christmas~(she totally wanted it. I'm positive. She just didn't know that she wanted it, so I had to show her by telling Santa to give it to her as her main present instead of all the other things on her list that she'd plead for preceding the holiday..She'll thank me later)~with teensy wreaths and tinsy garland and weensy curtains and eensy Christmas trees and holy cow, people, it is MARVELOUS! MARVELOUS, I SAY! You should see it. And if I had figured out how to take a picture, hook it up to the computer, download and attach, you WOULD be seeing it. But obviously, the screen is blank. So that must mean I've reverted back to my wide-eyed and innocent pac man ways.

I know.

I'm disappointed in me, too.

But I will feel better once I eat another few truffles. Feel free to do the same until you think highly of me once again.


Anonymous said...

I've seen it through your living room (parlor, home teaching room, whatever you call it) window and wondered why it was there. Now I know and I will come see teeny tiny house that daughter REALLY wanted. I'm sure it's MARVELOUS, I would expect nothing less from you!

Are you ready for this week?

Love you, Anony

kara elmore said...

I saw it. It IS glorious beyond measure. And "she" will appreciate it. One day. Until then, TELL HER to appreciate it.

And where is the post about ME????

Lisa said...

BB~no post about YOU since I wasn't CLEAR on how much INFORMATION to send out about you into the cyber world. Give me the green light and I'm all over it. :)