Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Did you know they have products for "embarrassing urine odors?" Mm hmm. They're advertising on my blog. Which makes me particularly proud.

I'm not cleaning right now. I just figured I might as well fess up, so you can't figure it out on your own and then confront me.

It's Christmas Eve Eve and I've managed to talk myself out of several mandatory projects that were just, pant) (breathe, rasp, gasp)...TO-DO...list. Maybe next year. Or not. Whatever.

I have pistachio flakes and green nut chunks in my teeth.

An entire lime in a Diet Coke over rabbit poop ice does a Christmas elf goooooood~even if it does rot the enamel off.

It's never too late to shower and get dressed for the day (3:00 P.M.) and it's never too early to take off your bra and get back into your pajamas (5:00 P.M.)

Christmas is playing a game and just passed me, screaming...READY OR NOT, HERE I COME! But I'm not running, screaming or flailing to get away, cuz I'm too mature. Plus I just took my bra off.

It's called being resigned~something I fully embrace, cuz it comes with hot chocolate, new pajamas and a ring of sugar around my mouth.

Which reminds me of another game that I'm too mature to play.


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kara elmore said...

FOREVER! We were SO meant to meet!!! :)

Ok really ... I choose to have a small chest so that I can have my bra off at ANY given time and NO ONE WILL KNOW! See - so it DOES come as a positive, right???