Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey friends! Guess what? My pumpkin pie husband gave me a camera for Christmas!!! And it is FREAKIN' AWESOME! Why? Well, drumroll please......

Cuz it's BLUE!

That's right~I said blue! And not just ANY blue. Robin's egg blue, people!

I know! Crazy wonderful, huh?!!! It's like they finally get me, you know?

So I took a picture. And now I'll attempt to figure out how to post it. And if all goes well, a new day is dawning on my blog! A NEW DAY, I SAY!!!

Here goes.........

OH MY HECK, IT WORKED! New day it is!!! Hope you aren't melancholy about seeing the old day fade into the past. It's all about progress, people.

And treats. Progress and treats. And rabbit poop ice. Progress, treats and rabbit poop ice. And Diet Coke with limes. And Dr. Pepper. Progress, treats, rabbit poop ice, Diet Coke with limes and Dr. Pepper. And blue cameras. And diamonds. And tiaras. And pumpkin pie hubbies. So let's recap...It's about progress, treats, rabbit poop ice, DC with limes, Dr. P, blue cameras, diamonds, tiaras and pumpkin pie hubbies.

And probably some other stuff, too.

(like decorations and hot baths and reading and vintage fabric and polka dots and geraniums and divinity and truffles and families and glitter and Jesus and The gospel and missionary sons and sisters moving back and moms writing books and Christmas money and Sunday afternoon naps and high heels and Stewart plaid and........)


kara elmore said...

FINALLY You mentioned ME!!!!!!!!! Because REALLY - that's what it is ALL ABOUT!!!

Oh - and the stewart plaid, candles, good camera w/ photogs who know what to DO w/ their equipment, and high heeled shoes that make you walk pretty, and vintage brooches in your hair even if it's color isn't the best, and lipstick that stays on, and sisters who buy beautiful Christmas clothing, and sisters who let you come and visit in pj's, and on and on and on. :)

Oh - and me. You and me. There. The end.

.E. said...

whoooooohooooo.. I like this new day.. and I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes or at least the robin egg blue camera.

Anonymous said...

Oh good! Pumpkin pie husband is back on the "nice" list! YAY for pumpkin pie husband!!!

Beautiful pictures with the new camera!
Anony :)