Thursday, September 24, 2009


Decorating makes me joyful. First, I get to spend money. (joy dance) Second, my creative juices squirt out everywhere, leaving all around me drenched in fabulous, but me parched and needing even more Dr. Pepper and rabbit poop ice~win/win situation. And third, I get to turn my world some color other than brown. Ew.

So let's discuss this "shades of pooh" obsession~and by obsession, I mean disease. And by disease, I mean revolting, puss-filled, infectious and warty. OK, maybe that was a little harsh, but I become very passionate, friends, when it comes to dumbing down of any sort, and this is at the top of my list. I just do NOT get it. What is so beautiful/sophisticated/desirous about taupe, tan, brown, sand, neutral? Many words, one meaning~not a color.

When people refer to "earth tones," they are mistaken. The sky is not brown. The grass is not brown. Flowers, water, fruit, vegetables, trees (leaves)~ALL not brown. Therefore, Earth is not brown. Dirt is~not Earth. Big difference.

"What is she suggesting?" you ask.

It's simple. Spray paint, people.

"This is madness!" you scream.

"Is she competent?" you query.

"What can we DO to help her find her way back?" you fret.

I appreciate your concern. But I am committed to this concept. In fact, I am a Bible thumping, cross wearing, hail Mary saying, Book of Mormon reading, believer in the concept of COLOR! And not just ONE, but ALL KINDS! Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Copper, Green...the list goes on and on, my friends. It's almost as if the good Lord planned it this way. What? Crazy, I know! But maybe, just maybe, He knew that it would bring us JOY!

Which is, I believe, why men...and women...are.

And that is why I will continue to eat my Harvest Veggies, fill my cups with rabbit poop ice and decorate with the rainbow that was given me to splatter all over my world.

Now that is reason for JOY! Come, let us dance.


Kara Elmore said...


DO YOU SEE MY JOY??????? Do you see me HAILING MARY/LISA????


You said the things I TREID to say for YEARS! But no one understood as I spoke the word "Aaaaaaaaaa... LER... GIC to BRRRRRRRown!!!" They tilted their heads in question ... as if to say "we dun't speak perty!"

And THEY wonder why we're adored when we wear our pretty polka dot shoes, our red stiletto heels and our aprons a flurry in loveliness. I don't remember hearing the following words spoken near me: "ohhh those brown shoes sure do make your eyes sparkle!" More like ... OH WOW - those brown shoes match the soil pep I just laid down on my flower beds to keep the WEEDS AWAY!!!!!!"

I praise you for the truth of which you so freely speak. And to the others who have lost their way ... no fretting, we will find you, we will fix you and will make you what you should have been. Colorful.

Kara Elmore said...

oops - meant TRIED .. not TREID.

Lisa said...

Oh, Bitty Boo, how I love you! You make me laugh like a hyena! Good thing nobody's around to witness it! Soil pep? Hyena time! And ISE DOO SPEEK PERTY!!!

Erica said...

Ok...Kara...join in...yes, yes - I realize that this was written back in September before I was aware that Lisa even WAS and now, reading her blog and all of Kara's colorful commenting, I realize that you might have a team thing going here. Very nice. One of my favs. :)