Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So the very best part of my day is morning. Am I a morning person, you ask? I am a firm believer that arising any time that has an A.M. following the number is morning~all the way up to 11:59~A.M., see? Morning. So yes. Yes, I am. But that's not why it's the best part of my day.

The reason for jubilation is to see what happened to my hair during the night. It's always a surprise. It can be "Flying Nun" as I referred to in an earlier post. Or it can be "Mullet head/faux hawk." That's always a crowd pleaser. Every day is a wonder and today was no exception.

I woke up extra excited, because I'd gone to the salon the day before, so I knew the follicles had gotten really liquored up with product and spray. This was gonna be goooooood. Sure enough, there had been a party on my pillow during the night! Crazy! I ran out to the family room to show everyone. They were tickled~smiling and laughing and cheerful as can be. Love at home, people. Love at home.

And then I realized what a great mother I am. That I can send my children and husband out into the world with joy in their hearts, gives me tremendous satisfaction. I'm wonderful like that.

You should be more like me.

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Kara Elmore said...

Just the slightest tilt of a comment ... you should be more like me. That's why I love you. Not only because I DO want to be more like you ... but you can make something so trivial be Christlike. See - sending them out into the world ... HAPPY! What white trash mother does THAT, I ask???