Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love me some veggies. Always have. Always will. I frequently get more than the suggested five servings daily, because I'm just a little bit better than all of you. A little more concerned with my nutrition. A little bit more attentive to daily allowances. It's a tight wire act~all about the balance, people. All about the balance.

I keep several bags of veggies in assorted places throughout my home. Some people might consider them "hiding places." I prefer to call them "easily accessible." There are some in my nightstand, some in my sewing cabinet(s), some in my car console, some in the desk drawer next to me. In fact, I am munching on a handful right now. Mm mm scrumptious. Yay for veggies!

Pumpkins and Corn are my favorites. Halloween Harvest pumpkins and corn, to be specific. I also love peanuts. Circus. And fish. Swedish. And beans. Jelly. I figure that's a pretty good blend of carbs and protein. Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially healthy, I'll throw in a plent-i-pac of fruit. Juicy. I like to mix things up. I'm crazy like that.

And so I pose the question, how does one eat so many veggies and fruit~more than the daily requirements~and still struggle with double chins and abdominal rolls? It's perplexing to me. In fact, I was so concerned, I decided to consult the Dr. Dr. Pepper, if any of you are familiar with his reputation. I plan on meeting with him this afternoon, over a cup of rabbit poop ice. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I'll double fist my veggies and protein while I walk this precarious high-wire. Remember, it's all about the balance, people. All about the balance.


Kate Oldham said...

dearest cousin i love you so!!!

Lisa said...

And I you, dear Kate. And I you. :)

Kara Elmore said...

Kate used to post those same words on my blog ... where did the love go, people???

When I first read this I was like REALLY ... she does? REALLY. yep. You're like that, I guess. Always able to paint such a picture.

Btw - Maby is in her room. The door is locked. I locked it. In hopes that she would fall asleep before she unlocked it. I'm mean that way. Yes I am.

Erika said...

You should write books! You are incredibly entertaining. Everytime Rich reads something you post on Facebook, he just laughs! You are awesome!!

Fess said...

Lisa! Is it ok if I consult Dr. Pepsi instead of Dr. Pepper? However my Dr. didn't have rabbit poop ice!

Lisa said...

You are too kind, Erika (and Rich.) And, yes. A Dr. Pepsi will long as there is lime involved. If your intentions are good, it'll do.