Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Back from vacation, which means angry at my children and husband. Not sure why, but apparently it's against the law for me to arrive home happy and rested.

Could be the toxic diet. (burp) Could be the lack of normal sleep. (we switched our AM and PM~we're crazy like that) Could be that we left our home in a flurry and then expected our children to look around them and realize that more might be expected of them to earn their keep than to play X-box and eat cold cereal in their underwear. Silly parent.

Cemented cereal in every last bowl~including mixing~scattered throughout the house. The laundry cascading in a lovely waterfall out of the dryer and onto the floor and a fine layer of dirt on every piece of furniture because no one thought it was "their job" to close the windows when the dust storm came blowing through last night.

A rain soaked Jeep with the top still off (once again, nobody's job) while the air conditioning and the furnace work together, but still have a friendly competition to see just how fast they can get our meter spinning. Synergy, people. Synergy.

Which brings us to the next 48 hours of me trying to keep my eyes from rolling completely back inside my skull (I keep slapping me up the side of my head to knock them loose) as my children screech and whine that "None of this mess is MINE!" Yeah. I know.

Two words.

'Nuff said.

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Kara Elmore said...

Silly that just two simple words can bring a smile to our faces. :) Words that are normally meant for other purposes. But we use it to create bliss. Why is that?? Ohhh happy bliss words. Thank you for being created so that I may express myself behind others backs and smile when I know they might have heard.