Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I can understand your confusion as to why someone would put two random words together and call it a blog. Random, you say? Only to the un-indoctrinated ~ Prepare for doctrine.

Shoe is one, if not thee most important item in every woman's wardrobe. I remember Shirley asking Laverne this most important question ~ "Pump or flat?"~ right before she went out with Carmigne Raguso. (Don't mock my spelling. You don't know how it's spelled, either. Criminy.) Anyway, I was but a child when I heard the word, not privy to the power of the pump, but instantly my spidey sense tingled and I knew that this thing...this pump...was going to play a very large part in my own life one day and that I should pay close attention.

Shoe is pretty. Shoe is forgiving. Shoe fits no matter how many "tastes" of cheesecake you may have stabbed off with your fork that afternoon. No judgement. No "Hmm. Looks like somebody needs to exercise some will power now, don't they?" None of that crap. Shoe loves us, so we love shoe.

And Blue? Well, let's first clarify which blue we're referring to. It's sky, robins egg, cornflower and brilliant. Not necessarily midnight, cobalt or navy. Just had to be clear.

Blue is an October sky. Blue is my photo-shopped eyes. Blue is the "pretty" room in my home, the brooch on my vintage hat and the watering can on my porch. It is my new favorite and I can't imagine how we ever parted ways from my first inclination toward loving it, till now. I must admit, I went astray for several years in the interim. I was young. I was naive. I was seeking for greener pastures. But Blue waited patiently for my return. And I did.

So Blue and Shoe are two of the most beautiful temporal things I have in my life. Couldn't live without them. Separately, they are Heavenly, but put the two together and you have synergistic CELESTIAL GLORY! What more could a girl want? Besides a giant bag of Good~N~Plenties and a Diet Coke with lime over rabbit poop ice? And I've got both of those covered ~ and my shoes still fit. Aaahhh. Life is good, people. Life is good.


Kara Elmore said...

Beautiful. Glorious. To covet would be a shame ... and sinful. So I choose the word PROUD. Proud of your poetess ways. AND ... if someone doesn't KNOW what rabbit poo ice is ... they shouldn't be reading this blog!!! :)

Lewis Family said...

I needed a little bit more of your humor in my life! You always bring a smile to my face!!!! Thanks! Love ya, Kristi Lewis

Kara Elmore said...

I'm also waiting for the conversation we had today to show up now. Like right now. I've checked your blog 14 times today. really. I need you to entertain me. I NEED you to give me my own kara moments ... so appease me and do it for me. Because somehow the world revolves around me. And your new blog. So basically YOU and ME! :)

Ice Machine Pump said...

It is true that Shoe is one, if not thee most important item in every woman's wardrobe. Nice post..........

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Now I know...the blueandshoe glad to have this cleared up. Makes good sense.
My sister told me last night she was on the other side of a shoe rack somewhere and she heard two women talking about the shoes and using Lisa in the conversation.
she said her first thought was thats got to be Lisa Bingham. sure enough when they walked away they were in your neighborhood.
You would love my daughters shoes...last time I tried to count her lovely displayed shoes in her shoe closet it was over 100 HIGH HEELS.
Doesnt she know that when its time to pass them down I cant wear HIGH HEELS...I'll give her your address!
When you need some Celestial Kingdom beauty (oh I am turning naughty like you Lisa)...I will show you her shoes.