Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This here produce was found in our garden.

And yes, I know it's past it's prime.

And no, it wasn't me if you find it in the backseat of your car after church.

And yes, it is your fault~you should have locked your car doors.

And lastly, some of you were privileged to view the unedited 'Boy holds a zucchini' ~before shame and judgement kicked in. To you late comers, remember, the early bird gets the worm...the crass, bawdy, suggestive 'inyendo' worm. No worms left for you. Sad.

But feel free to use your mind's eye with these three things in mind...

1)He's male.

2)He's male.

3)He's male.


Kara Elmore said...
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Cherie said...

Ha Ha - I did a post about Zucchini myself a little while ago but it did not leave quite the same picture in my mind!! Too dang funny!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Lisa ... your son is So MALE!

T said...

I missed it? ah... hmmm, I do have boys though - I'll just use my imagination (and then scrub out my brain with soap)

Kate said...

Hahahaha! Your son is gonna be sooooo happy about this. Oh wait, maybe that's why he's grinning.

Anonymous said...

uummmm........ya....nice zucchini!!
Anony ;)

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Yeah, wow, that's a nice squash. Nice and big. :)

Zucchini. There's a plant growing in my garden spawning this sort of thing every few days and I DID NOT PLANT IT.

Lisa said...

Damsel, that's one determined zuke plant. Can you do that with a money tree?

Anony, that's what she said. Ha!

pkc91987 said...

Is that his real hair ? NIce!!

Holly said...

Yes, that's his real hair... and WHY CAN I imagine what the original was like??? LOL!!

Well, I think you should make a hundred loaves of zucchini bread... you know... something domestic. ;D