Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Okay, I'm back. I was excited (compelled) to accompany my husband, children and neighbors on a trip to the sand dunes. Before my early departure home from said filth, I managed to make a quick trip into town and found a place to buy a luxurious box of chocolates. Good thing they tell you up front how much you'll gain by devouring the entire thing~and just for the record, I think one pound is very reasonable.

Anyway, HERE is my latest article for Blissfully Domestic~read it and we'll call it even for today. Love you, pumpkins~


T said...

Haha... I just commented over there and kinda sorta accidentally attached my biotch picture... enjoy it, it'll never see the light of day again.

Krista said...

Equalibrium? I got lost just going from Domestic Bliss to Blue and Shoe. I'm stuck between Blue and Bliss. Loved the opposition thing because I never have it, and never have lipstick on my teeth either. I'm going to go barf now. Got some weight to lose.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Love your sacrificing spirit to fall for us each day so that we may get a good laugh Lisa.

I fell 3 weeks ago...in front of the barber shop carrying a box. I bet he was laughing, but he never told me. Maybe the courthouse surveilance camera caught it...they could make money on Funny videos.

I love that show...what is it about falling people that we think its so darn funny? We do, we laugh.

Thats why we laugh when you say you had to make a quick trip to town for chocolates...at least you admit it outloud.

That's why we love you! Fall all you want Lisa. It's only taken me 3 weeks to get over most of the pain. Need to learn I am getting to old for doing certain things in life...like just walking!