Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm alone, peeps. Sooo very alone. I've been wandering from room to room, trying to figure out how best to spend my me-time embarrassment of riches. So far, I've managed to almost finish horking down my 'one pound eaten~one pound gained'~box of luxurious chocolates.

And not shower.

And experience Prince in Purple Rain.

I know. It's like I'm an investment banker, so wise I am in my acquisition and expenditures.

I keep waiting for the clerk at the register to take scissors to my time card and tell me I've gone over my limit. But sources say I've another 24 hours to squander.

It's too much. I don't know what to do with it all. It's like a treasure chest filled with a bounty of unread novels, sweet pork salads and Johnny Depp chick flicks and I'm trying to stuff it all in my bra and improvised shirt pouch. But you know, a gal can only hoard so much~eventually, she has to walk away from the cornucopia and just be happy with the nuts she managed to shove into her chubby varmint cheeks.

Lucky for me, they were cashews, mixed with milk chocolate and caramel.

That Princess Lisa is one charmed squirrel.


T said...

I managed to squander an entire 5.5 hours today without a single iota of guilt

Jackie said...

Can I send my kids to your house? We had a day.

Holly said...

Well I STILL haven't seen Twilight... Perhaps we should squander a couple hours in the afternoon tomorrow. LOL!!

You know, I could HELP with the luxurious chocolates, too... Just thinking of YOU!! Trying to help YOU out... Because I'm TRYING to learn and be GIVING... like YOU! ;p

Kara Elmore said...

I think part of the fun IS walking around figuring out what to do ... because NO ONE IS TALKING TO YOU! Which is THE best thing in the world!!!!

AND - really ... those chocolates don't count because NO ONE ELSE saw you 1) purchase them (besides the clerk ... who is stoned anyway so they don't count) and 2) devour them. So really - they don't exist. So you're good. Go buy another one pounder. Make it count. Because they'll be home soon and you'll get to start yelling ALLL over again. Just like I did when I threatened that they stop talking to me, touching me or asking me questions ... and that was.... like at ... ohhhh - maybe 8:12 this morning??

Lisa said...

T, I'm proud of you. Make it an even six tomorrow. Jackie, not only no, but...just no. :):):) Boo, stoned clerks? Hahahahaha!!! And you're right~unless it was captured on film, or at the very least, surveillance camera, it didn't happen. Holly, you ARE a giver...but sadly, the luxurious chocolates have been consumed. Nothing left but fatty abdomen and nut chunks between my teeth. What a shame. :(

Mimi Sue said...

I so love some me time. With or without chocolate. With the mister retired and home ALL.THE.TIME!!! I don't get too much of it. DO NOT let your husband retire early! Once again I wish I were you...Mimi

Cherie said...

I would love time just to wander and eat chocolate - Lucky duckee!!
Alone time is rare at my house!
I am your newest follower!

Enjoy your time ~ Cherie :-D

See Mom Smile said...

Envious!!! I can't wait for school to start then I can be a charmed squirrel too!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Shoulda called me! I'd have brought my own pound or two... or ten of chocolate to share.

And swiped my husbands emergency cash stash for an emergency shopping trip!

Erica Borrowman said...

It's been so long since I've been's like splashing my oily'd face with fresh, clean water and my favorite soap. Thanks for that. I hope you enjoyed your time alone. Only comes along in a blue moon, you know. Miss you. Hope everything is wonderful!

Lisa said...

I've missed YOU, Erica! How are you? Work? Family? Every little thing? I loved Jordan's last letter. He's such a doll. You're lucky. So is he. Let's talk soon.