Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay, looks like somebody dropped the ball here, kids.

The ball named ZUPAS with highly desirable dainty chick menu items. Mm hmm. That's right. Seems SOMEBODY (mouthing and pointing at 'you') took the day off for a facial and spa treatment, leaving the information behind in some mucky mud bath remains. And obviously, what washes off in mud baths, STAYS in mud baths. Which left MOI out in the cold, rainy afternoon~much like Donna Summer's disco cake~about that there heavenly cuisine...some of which I consumed and gorged upon this afternoon.

And now I have no choice but to treat myself to a daily affair there, wearing a tiara and smoking a long stemmed cigarette, just as Audrey Hepburn at Tiffanys. On account of I need to fill my noggin with intelligence and knowledge, so as to be well qualified in giving tonight's FHE lesson, which just so happens to be about smarts.

Cuz how can I suggest to YOU, my blog peeps, which place to lunch with your ladies, if I haven't versed myself well in all things pesto and berry salad and such?

I can't.

Thus, the required menu sampling. The takin' one for the team. The necessary vinaigrette seeds stuck between teeth and cheesecake caramel dribbling off my chins.

You're welcome.

By the way, is it just me, or do you all suck in as you walk past your full length bathroom mirror on the way to the toilet too?


Okay, then.

It's just me.


Let us never speak of this again.


T said...

I just never allow my eyes to wander toward the mirror. and THAT explains all the mystery bruises from walking to the shower with my eyes closed.

Cherie said...

I don't suck in in my own bathroom but at our mall there are these huge mirrored walls near every escalator - Whoo Baby you walk by those and see every bump and bulge and definately SUCK IT IN!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I don't suck it in anymore.........too hard. To much "baggage" to suck it in.

You make me laugh.

Kens said...

The Wisconsin Califlower soup is the best! Sounds disgusting but is FLIPPEN FANTASTIC

Krista said...

Me and the girl in the mirror just don't look at each other anymore. Sucking in doesn't make any difference anymore. I LOVE Zuppas - Lobster Bisque is yum and salads and desserts and chocolate dipped strawberries. Good stuff! Let's go!

Mimi Sue said...

Well who doesn't love Zuppas? I like to mix my soups. It's very creative and so many tasty flavors in one bowl! Also when you get a certain age and have had a certain amount of offspring the sucking just doesn't work like it used to. That's why they invented Spanx! Mimi

The Martos Fudge said...

Oh Girl... Not only do I suck it in, but I don't breathe, which is bad cause cause holy cow, it's a long mirror. Why do they put such a big mirror in a space where I will have full view of my self?

Holly said...

Sucking in just doesn't do the job anymore... *sigh*

Zuppas... I've never been there. Sounds like some locals should give me a heads up sometime so I can give it a try! ;D * hint * Hint * Wink * Wink * Oh!! But not Thursday through Monday coming up... I'll be missing in action!! ;p ((HUGS))

Jennifer Griffith said...

I personally believe that when there is caramel dripping off my chin it's too much of a distraction and no one is looking at whether I need to suck in my gut. It's a vanity defense mechanism. said...

My sweet Lisa, you always know how to make me laugh. Thank you for your sweet visit. You are my favorite, Blue and Shoe.

big hugs

Natalie said...

Oh Lisa, that place has been my favorite for months now... are you just now discovering it??? I am a terrible sis-in-law!! I can't believe I have forgotten to pass along the info on such a wonderful place... my bad! Get the Lobster bisque soup and Cranberry Turkey sandwich, it totally is the best!!!