Saturday, September 25, 2010


How beautiful is this?

How about this?
And finally, this?

I had a sublime expedition yesterday, sight seeing and appreciating the beautiful Cache Valley in Logan, Utah. Couldn't get over the incredible architecture and craftsmanship displayed in practically every building.

One can't help but compare and contrast these masterpieces with what we consider a home today.

And then I wondered if there isn't a great lesson to be learned. Regarding how much our Heavenly Father loves us, and knowing our divine potential and heritage, He expects a beautiful masterpiece of our time here on Earth.

And how often do we look at the people living magnificent lives, wish for the same, but then turning away, lower our own expectations to walk into our mud hut dwelling and call it "good enough."

And Satan laughs.

Just a thought.


Sydney said...

This is beautiful. And I used to live in Logan ... so I remember that gorgeous house that you have listed 2nd. SOO stunning!

Cherie said...

These houses are spectacular - I love looking at the older homes around our area too - so pretty. They sure built them differently way back when.

I can't help but think that making what we have beautiful and being grateful for it would make our Heavenly Father so happy.

Did you watch the Women's Broadcast tonight? I loved the talk about the woman in her brick hut and how she decorated it with pictures from the Liahona :)

Satan - Hit the road!

Mimi Sue said...

This went along so well with the broadcast tonight. Were you inspired? Mimi

Holly said...

Love this, Lisa!! Lovely pix! The Logan temple takes my breath away. There is a picture I shot of it after a wedding once that we have in our main room blown up BIG and framed. LOVE IT!!

DEEP thoughts... I'm a Masterpiece in long term progress?? LOL!! I'm working on it!! ;)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I'll take Picture #2...I think that's the one that's being built in heaven for me...pretty sure of it.
When I drove past the Victorian Wedding Mansion last week in all its beauty I sighed of its grandeur
it took my breath away...seriously.
Immaculate...hugs to the ones who keep this beauty up. said...

I surely don't understand why I don't live in something like that. I can only hope that something I'm doing here on earth is building my dream home in Heaven.

big hugs

T said...

love your "just a thought"... and yes... it does tie in well with the broadcoast... I still need to clean those windows of mine :)

Anonymous said...

I just have to say you picked a lovely place to spotlight. This is my neighborhood and my friends own those houses :) Those women actually are making beautiful masterpieces of their lives and not just their homes. Don't let the pressure get to you but the woman in the first home has 6 children and is an amazing mom and the woman in the second home has 12 children and I've seen her mow the lawn in a dress and heels! I wasn't sure if I should be proud or laugh until I peed my pants! I can't compete with that :)

Lisa said...

Well, anonymous, I need to know who you are now! 12 children? Seriously? And the dress and heels makes me love her even more. I say we should be proud that she is our gender. My great grandparents used to live down that street. Did you ever know any Shumways?

Brandi said...

OK, SERIOUSLY...I want to know more about that 2nd house. It's SO gorgeous!!! Details, PLEASE.

And just because I'm curious...what does one do to afford that house with 12 children? I think someone's pulling a fast one ;)