Monday, September 6, 2010


This explains on...

"He's hiding, he's hiding, and no one knows where...and all you can see are his nose and his hair." But you can hear him, people, cuz bathrooms echo... Just sayin'.

You know how we sometimes ask pumpkin pie husbands to go in search of Super Plus with wings? Yeah, well, payback is a beach. Do unto others.

Spy cam shot of the Labor Day travesty that is mine to mourn...this was actually clean last night...shut up. FYI, the copper cabinet is Rabbit Pooh, whom we love.

Son compelled to come down at 10:17, only to persevere and resume napping on the couch until after 11:00.

Professional, customized birthday cake~if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it~

HAPPY LABOR DAY! And from one who gave her mother an insiders look into the TRUE meaning of the day, only what, 28 years ago?...give or can trust me when I say, she deserved much more than she received for her efforts that day. Many much more. And because of that, I think it's also safe to say that the best Labor Day policy is sloth, as the harvest from that tree is sure to be fatty, sour and rebellious.

I'm sorry, Mother dear. You were clearly gypped.

Another basis for being a slug could be because it's still my birthweek. Or because holiday exertion is against the law. Or because my entire family is in residence, people...AS WE SPEAK...and if there were a spy cam hooked to my forehead right now, you'd be seeing the lesson in futility that IS Labor Day weekend.

And just so you know that I've been passing along my ethics to my spawn, here's a little dialogue that just happened~

Julia~(looking out the window at CHAR'S family~they hotdog relish making us look bad) "Whoa. They're doing yard work today?"
Julia~"You don't do work on Labor Day."
Me~"Labor means work."
Julia~(face squinched up on one side) "Oh."

Then she walked away to melt some chocolate, so she wouldn't have to work so hard to eat it.

On a side note, I found my camera in the magazine rack next to the toilet. Not sure what that means~or what I'll find when I download these shots. But one thing is sure~we'll "BARE" witness together! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh, my. I just blasphemied this holiday by laughing so hard. I've got some repenting to do. HAVE A WONDERFUL NATIONAL HOLIDAY and/or REASON TO ROAST A COW, friends! I have to go lay down. It's already 11:16...



Anonymous said...

We have the exact same stuff going on at our house (minus the ammodium-thank the heavens above!)! A bunch of lazy people, stuff strewn about and children and husband laboring in the yard! And to top it off~celebrating a birthday!!!

That's right....that's what you do on LABOR LABOR!!! I did so 17 years ago today. Yesterday I told her that tomorrow (today) is all about ME not HER since I'm the one who did all the work that day. She didn't buy it! She didn't buy ME a present either!

Happy LABOR day dear neighbor! Anony :)

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY spell Imodium wrong...oops! Anony :)

Kara Elmore said...

So - what you're saying is UNLIKE me - you just laid around ALL DAY? So - like, did NOTHING except take pictures of your to die for house? And immodium - and you SOMEHOW snuck in the bathroom to take pics of his feet. For posterity sake? And I LOVE that he doesn't even notice. And the boyson who is laying there - because he's SOOOOO tired ... at 11:00 a.m. And the cake that is in TRUE BINGHAM fashion.

I love you for showing me your flaws - because you know I have none.

Lisa said...

You DID labor, Anony! Was it officially Labor Day for you, too, like my mom? If so, you were NOT gypped. :) Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!

Boo, I did not take the feet pic~HE did. To take his mind off the fact that it was trip number 82. Cramping, you know. I told him to "Say it, don't spray it." But he didn't listen. :) I had to awake early and go on an errand run for him, because of said spraying. Good times. :)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

HE could probably qualify for a colonoscopy tomorrow wouldn't you think...I mean 82 times, that's more than qualification.

Your home looks just fine lisa...I just came from the family mountain cabin of 900 sq. ft and 25 people from ages 1-84 were crammed in, sleeping, laying on couches, stinky feet & arm pits, dirty hair, tiny tiny shower,always cooking and eating more than enough food...two 8 year olds having pogo sticking contest counting to over 1,000 each time until the pogo stick suddenly was gone, hidden by someone who couldn't take the noise during food praying. Worrying about a black bear in the area. whiney grandchildren whom I adore.
It gets worse but I know this blog likes to keep it clean!

Thanks to my sister janine, she saved this family bonding experience with HER COOLER of RABBIT POOP ICE!
Love your ice machine and kitchen, cluttered counter and all.
You can Send your maid to my house.

Happy chocolate birthday sympathy Mr. blue/ go get your exam!

Krista said...

This has been a labor intensive holiday for me. Basement being carpeted tomorrow...what a waste of a day off. When's the next one? I'm so gypped! Sweeping construction dust, moving furniture, cleaning, laundry, blowing my nose. I don't remember snorting that!

Mimi Sue said...

Oh poor Mr Blue Shoes. You, as usual, taking care of everything and everyone. You are truly an amazing woman. I have to agree, payback is a beach. I have to agree with the boyson. Sometimes one needs a little nap first thing in the morning. Sleeping all night is a lot of work. Mimi

Kate said...

Your bedroom is lovely. Can I say that?

T said...

I am seriously worried about what's going to be found on that camera...

hope everyone's feeling better soon because it sounds like someone deserves a birthday do-over.

Holly said...

WOW!! Interesting way to kill time on the pot... I never thought to bring a camera in there! LOL!! LOVE IT!!

Your home is BEAUTIFUL! The dishes would take a few minutes and then it's perfect! SHEESH!! (Note to self: ONLY meet Princess Lisa at her house or in PUBLIC!) ;p

What's wrong with napping till after 11am??? BWAHAHAHA!! At least he wasn't going to sleep after 5am... That's a good thing... Right? HAH!

LOVE the cake design! Was it YUMMY???

Your parents did a GREAT LABOR of LOVE that... 28 or something years ago!! They are beautiful people and have a wonderful daughter! You're my HERO! ;D

I didn't roast a cow, I bought my boys crisp burritos from Taco Time! YAY!! (Talk about LAZY!)

However, I did abandon my husband, daughter, and special needs grandson in the Uinta Mountains... Do I WIN for HEEL of the holiday this year??? *sigh*

One Cluttered Brain said...

:) LOL.
your pictures crack me up!

Hope your Labor Day was laborless!!

and if it was, tell me how you got it to be laborless....SIGH.

Brittney said...

I think your hubby has bunions! I would know - I have them.. Surgery in his future?

Also, I used to melt chocolate candy bars every day after school... now I want to restart that tradition.

You seem like such a fun mom.

See Mom Smile said...

We did not BBQ one meat product on Labor Day. We did however do some bike riding in Bryce Canyon. It was all downhill, coasted all the way, so no labor required!