Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First day of school...vintage Coca Cola and Keds.

Back to school! I know. I'm soooo glad, because it's been an exhaustive two weeks. But finally...FINALLY...we wave goodbye to that one day we went swimming and the time we thought about going camping. Good riddance.

We had our traditional Back to School fashion show and Father's Blessing last night, which is a carry over from my glowing, golden, soft focus childhood. Course, back then, it was always Sunday night, but now...NOW...it's on a Tuesday, or Monday or whenever the hell the dart hits the calendar when they're in their district meetings~"Okay~then, looks like we're gonna start on Saturday this year."~anyway, it USED to, and SHOULD be, Sunday that precedes the first day of school.


A better idea would be two weeks after the previous school year ends, when brand new year anticipation is at it's peak. And mid July, so the temperatures are hovering above 100, bringing cozy repose at every recess.

And the teachers are refreshed.

And the kids are anxious...to go to bed in full daylight.

And it's clear as mud that this is progressive thinking.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Back then we'd runway strut our home sewn outfits and exhibit our array of minty fresh school supplies from Kings, which by the way, was and is THE BEST STUFF STORE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, PEOPLE! Then, we'd end the evening with a fully customized priesthood blessing from our dad, in order that we might have our childhood anxieties appeased. And they were.

So that's what the Bings did last night, because even though the back then is no more, some things still are.

Like faith.

And family.

And Kings.

Let the edumacation commence!


T said...

that IS crazy talk. I am nowhere near ready to get back to work. The ONLY perk to working in the school system is having my summers free. It sure ain't the $ that keeps me coming back!!!

Anonymous said...

I slept until 9:00am and missed watching all the kiddos getting their pictures taken and walking to school. I have 3 more weeks until I get to do that and I'm having some anxiety about it. What's up with that?!!

Happy to hear the fashion show went well! I, too, remember well the priesthood blessing I had the day before school started to calm the butterflies in my tummy. I think I may need one this year!

Happy Back to School day--but not really since the others are STILL home!!! Love ya...Anony :)

Krista said...

School already? Crazy is right. We still have time to have a summer BBQ though, right? Cute vintage Coke shirt!

Jackie said...


Can we just skip August?

Kara Elmore said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Garden of Egan said...

Where in the world are you at? Why would you even THINK much less BLOG about back to school. We just started summer about a day ago.

Yes, I agree with KINGS.

Shelley said...

Hey! I found you through peace.love.taco bell! I noticed that you are LDS too!

Lisa said...

Hey, listen Garden of Egan, don't go shootin' the messenger, here. Not MY idea to have year round freakin' school. Don't WANT to think about it, let alone blog the reality. If I could click my ruby shoes and go back in time, my heels would be bruised and broken and anxiously engaged. :)

Anony, so sorry you're feeling anxious. You can come over to my house on the first day and we'll enjoy a refreshing beverage at 7:30 AM.

Yes, Jackie. By all means, let's skip August. Krista, BBQ still on. T, sounds like you're on traditional, so count your lucky stars.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dying to know what the deleted comment said. Was it political? Racist? Communistic? Socialist? Fascist? Oh, I get it ... it was something Obama said, something like "I think kids should have 24 hours of homework a night to keep them away from family and church." That sounds like something he would say.

Kara Elmore said...

Anony - it was me. :) I rambled on too much and then knew that once I hit submit I would need to delete it. :)

Lisa said...

It was ALL of those things, and more, Anonymous. Kara can't be trusted to speak without being edited. :):):) (That's lots of smiles, Boo, so as to let them know it's a joke.)

The Martos Fudge said...

I have to say I bust my booty laughing out loud, about your comment about whenever the H*&^ the dart hits the board. I had to explain to my husband why I laughed so loud at 11 P.m. Thanks I needed to end my day like this.
LOVE IT, I am not sure what the anonymous thing is about but I hope I never become Anony!

Mimi Sue said...

Ah, the good old days. Looks so much better looking back. Love hate year round school. Mimi

One Cluttered Brain said...

Ahh back to school.
Your daughter looks cute!
lucky for me mine don't go back for another month yet. So sorry you heave year round school.
That must stink.
I would hate it.

But lucky for you--you have MORE TIME to BLOG!!!!


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

So glad you were up with the birds to see your cutest daughter go off to school and you can share with us who have been there and done that, she's adorable to say the least... no matter what you have told us!

Mimi, no sitting on the fence, you either Love it or Hate it. I for one would hate it. I mean going to the first day of school when it's 100 degrees, it's so wrong when they could be home crying at you about what can I do now?

I did hate the month of August though, was SO READY for school by then...So maybe I would have loved it.

Lisa's right about how do you get them to go to bed when the sun is still up?

Lets say a prayer for the teachers, should we?

Holly said...

Yeah... a WHOLE 2 WEEKS OFF!! WOW!! I HATE it. Hubs couldn't understand why silly boy and I would be foregoing his camping trip next week... HELLOOOoo... He's in SCHOOL! He STILL is flabbergasted. Can't wait to get done so all can be normal on TRADITIONAL schedule. Grr... The going to bed in broad daylight IS the worst.

Glad you gave your offspring the BEST parts of the OLD DAYS... You ROCK! ((HUGS))

Natalie said...

Oh Lisa, my sides are hurting from laughing so darn much!! We too crammed all we could in those two too short weeks.. gone are all our hopes and dreams of a fun filled summer, once again we are a disappointment to our children. But I need to know where did you find a Kings?????