Tuesday, July 6, 2010


First of all, not sure what's up with the comment section of my blog, but it's not showing any, though MANY have been left, friends. GOBS! Wouldn't want any of you to think me on the 'B' list.

And speaking of the letter B, guess what STARTS with B, and has me as a contributor? BLISSFULLY DOMESTIC, that's what! Because I am, peeps. I am.

Go check me out and remember to leave GOBS of comments, lest they think they've made a mistake in hiring me.

Heart pound, two fingered kiss. Let's do lunch.


.E. said...

ok I am coming for lunch whatcha makin?

T said...

everybody's comments are screwy today what's with it?

I'm craving some soup for lunch :)

See Mom Smile said...

Okay I did my Blissful duty and commented. For breakfast I have had mouthfuls of whipped cream, Haagen-Daz, Ghirardelli chocolates and left over Cafe Rio chips. You will be hard pressed to beat that for lunch!

Mimi Sue said...

OK I have a question. Are you blissfull? Or are you domestic, or both? Just wondering. Also are you related to LeConte Stewart? Now that would make you a rockstar. Mimi

reasonably chubby said...

Okay, I'm going to go check it out. But first, did you say YOU WERE HIRED?? YOU GET MONEY from somewhere to do this, this thang...? AWESOME!!! :) Keep up the good work. The hard difficult work of blogging.

Holly said...

OH! But SHE's GOOD!! LOL!!
Hmmm... She's BLISSFULLY domestic... leaning more towards the BLISS! ;p
My comments are screwy today, too! *sigh*
You WOULD do LUNCH when I'm heading off to TREK!!! Whatever... ;D Don't MISS me too much!!


Ster said...

Oh pie?!