Tuesday, April 13, 2010


More pretty stuff...

Hi peeps!

Just got back from driving the Sister missionaries around here, there and everywhere as they went to the Ogden Temple, Family History Center, Walmart, the Distribution Center and Mall. They left at 6:00 AM, and this is their "day off."

Mm hmm.

You heard me.

And yes~

~you are a lazy sloth compared to them.

And I am embarrassed for you.

Now ME, chose to be a giver this morning, generous beyond belief with blessings someone else is just as entitled to as I am. For instance, when the missionaries gave me the choice between waking up at 5:45 AM to drive them to the temple, or waiting until 10:45 to pick them up, I pondered for a split second and then screamed, "10:45! 10:45! THE SECOND ONE! NOT THE FIRST! THE SECOND ONE! NUMBER TWO!" Because listen, other people need opportunities to grow, too, you know. I may be a hoarder, but not when it comes to blessings. Well, OK, that was a lie. Just not when it involves the numbers 5 and 45 and the letters A.M. (shudder, twitch)

I was asked to sit with one of the sisters as she recuperated from a toe surgery last night. Two words entered my brain as I opened the door to the apartment. One~Good. Two~H$##. But that first word is kind of misleading, as it connotes something positive. Which this dwelling had no business suggesting. Then two more words came to mind, having to do with holi.........ness. But not so much to the Lord, as to a portion of feces.

Anyway, by the end of the visit, I realized one reason for putting these sweet young chicks in such foul surroundings is to help the teaching of the WORD OF GOD to move forward at a panther's pace. Because there is not a female alive that would choose to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary INSIDE that troll hut. The pit of despair conditions ensure that they will do whatever they must in order to flee the premises~including leaving at 6:00 AM on their day off, and proselyting from dawn till dusk. Method to their madness. Kind of brilliant if you ask me.

In conclusion, I'll state the obvious. I was not a sister missionary. (surprise eyes) But I'm kind of like their angel~not on a spiritual par, but able to serve them...as a chauffeur...and gopher...and occasional refreshing rabbit poop ice supplier. Clicking along in my pumps and diving for cover under their righteously modest skirts as they enter the Celestial Kingdom in sensible shoes and cardigans.

At 6:00 in the freakin' AM.


Krista said...

And bless your sole - I mean soul for helping them. Sisters get a little overlooked. I happen to know this. We would get a dinner appointment maybe once a month - elders - a few times a week.

McClendon said...

I was unaware that there is a 6:00 AM. Is that the same one as when you stay up all night playing computer solitaire or doing genealogy? FYI: I did the "runaround and staying with the sick sister missionairies" thing for several months after I retired. Parenthetically, we haven't had sisters since that time. I wonder if there's a connection.

Kareen said...

I think the church as a whole would be shocked to see how sister missionaries live in many places. In Italy we always seemed to live in the red light district! My last apt. came with a fully stocked alcohol cabinet. That made for some fun jokes.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

It's only to prepare them for that first year of marriage too...when your so in love it doesnt matter, but then it changes.

It's a good thing parents don't always get told about their missionaries living conditions...the missionaries know mommy will come and get them!

How nice of you though...I mean sharing your time and rabbit poop ice, they will never forget you Lisa. How could they. Well, if they do they won't forget shoe envy, were you wearing your zebra's???

Mimi Sue said...

You are truly a blessing in so many ways! I know 6 AM very well since my kids went to high school in California where they have EARLY EARLY EARLY morning seminary...Loved your last post too. I am soooo glad we are beyond the days of teenagers, cars, keys, and restrictions. Hey, another thing to look forward to in your 50's. Mimi

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Mimi is right...there are some good things about 50 and having no teens is the best!

kara elmore said...

Well - I am here to say that I am more spiritual that YOU - because when YOU said NO to the sisters at their 5:45 AM request ... I felt inspired to call them and say "have you recently been dumped by a fellow member claiming to be "helpful?" Because I am more than willing to get up at the crack of dawn. MY sister, however ... likes to help only on convenient hours (anything after 2:00 p.m.)." (...end quote) So when you were sleeping, I was helping. I will SO be blessed more than you!!! I can feel it. Can you feel it. Can you feel your blessings seeeeeeeping away???