Monday, May 17, 2010


So as WONDERFUL as it is, to see our children looking outside of themselves in bringing souls unto Christ and spreading the love of our Savior throughout the Brazilian countryside~as FANTASTIC as this is...and it IS...FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC...but it SEEMS as though MY son has gotten a weeeee little bit carried away. Apparently, I'm about to become the proud adoptive mother of an aspiring rock band rider on the outside. What. Head cocked in befuddlement?

Maybe this will help. Here is an epistle from one of the dear Portuguese girls that I made the ENORMOUS MISTAKE of accepting as a facebook friend. Not that she doesn't deserve my friendship or love...or the thrill of reading my status updates. But maybe, just maybe, we have different-notions-of what a facebook friendship/connections to the same 19 year old boy should result in. Clearly, I'm not as committed to this relationship as she is. Read on:

HI,I am (name left out to protect the innocent,) the Meiry I am mine better friend! you are mother you bingham of it? I and it are great friends, give in them well super. I find it sufficiently funny, and with all the very pretty respect also. In the church we have English lesson and us two we make much tricks and we laugh sufficiently, I am teaching to some words in Portuguese it, it is sufficiently smart and already he says well the language very. A fort I hug dear! E I control some message of it for you! ; D.

I´m sorry if not to obtain to understand something to me, my English is not very good.

Well, I'll do 19, 29 july.Bom yes I have plans to leave Brazil, my dream is to ride a rock band on the outside, so I invited the Bingham to be the drummer he agreed, but it all depends on my blessing patriarchal not yet received, if God allows me to accomplish my dream I go to London to study music if it does not allow I plan to go to the USA as an exchange and study to know the prophet cinema.Em Bingham invited me to visit your city and also to you allow your family would be my adoptive family in exchange! Because after all is much better to stay with people we know and who are mainly from the church.

In addition both in Utah as London want to make my life, I do not like here, Brazil is a beautiful country, people loving and cheerful, but has a lot of corruption and pay many taxes, it would be hard!
Then I have no emotional bond with my family and would not be hard to stay away from parentes.Pretendo travel in January if all goes well and will also Meiry.

You can let me leave your message for Bingham, he will be very happy, and as I see it is missing a lot of you.

Bye and a big hug., D

So, there you have it. Looks like she'll be arriving here in January~if God says it's OK.

I have to go now. Need to strap on some knee pads, as I have some praying, persuading and pleading to do.

This is NOT something that can be left to chance, people.


The Martos Fudge said...

Ok So this is specially hilarious for me... This is why... I am Brazilian. I was born there... and moved here when I was 11. So I am more american than Brazilian, but I do speak Portuguese. And when I read this my brain automatically goes to translation mode. And it makes perfect sense to me. But oh boy that is tough to understand if you don't speak the language. Your son still serving there? If so where? We came from the south and I still have a lot of family there... Good luck with the exchange.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you're daughter will have someone else to vomit her words on!!! Good luck there! And thanks for the ice this weekend!!! love ya...Anony :)

Krista said...

"Miery?" I'm hoping that doesn't mean she thinks she is going to "marry" your son. I've already got him picked out for Ali. She knows nothing about that and currently has a boyfriend, but what she doesn't know doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How nice of your missionary son to share you!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

thanks though for sharing this experience with know when you need our help.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Thats what your foot is for set it down.
set your foot down lisa!
Your greenie Mish is having quite a Miery time in Brazil.
Pray hard.

Neen said...

OH MY HECK! This is one of the funniest things I have ever read, EVER! You will need to fix this right away. Then you will need to tell "Bingham" that he needs to keep his distance from these "Frogs". (What Layne called girls in his mission who wanted to marry the missionaries and move to America.) You realize he will have more than just this one. However, if she does end up moving in with you because "it does not allow" she can always come and be in the ward chior with us! We will all "ride the rock band on the outside!" Oh good times!!! =0)

Lisa said...

Quick note~the "meiry" is not a reference to "marrying," but actually a mutual friend. So it's not quite so worrisome as we might think. I'm not sure if Heavenly Father has ever been so specific as to actually say, "You will ride a rockband on the outside" in a Patriarchal blessing, but if He doesn't, I think that's her cue to come live with us.

Mimi Sue said...

That did make me laugh sufficiently. Riding a rockband on the outside might be kind of fun. Perhaps a YW activity?? Mimi

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I was sufficiently amused. :D
Good luck!

Erica Borrowman said...

I'd be amused too, but I can't as I am having a similar experience (which I have already shared with you at an ungodly hour - so sorry). Do you think those white shirts and ties glow? Do our boys have wings we can't see? What IS it that these girls find so, ummmm, appealing?? Goodness. Worrisome. Hand over those knee pads.

See Mom Smile said...

Think of the cute brown grandbabies that could be raised on a rock n roll tour bus!! Best broken english letter. Ever.