Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sleepy. Soooooo sleepy. Like my house is filled with poppies and I'm looking for the Emerald City with Toto in a picnic basket. On account of piano recitals consuming our entire day. Three hours drive time and over three hours piano time. And I'm just gonna tell it like it is, friends. Sitting through 40~yes, FORTY~recital pieces by 97% not my children, is akin to the fascination one might feel when someone tries to explain every nuance of the dream they dreamed last night~how they started out in a car, but ended up in was so weird...and they had a different hairstyle than usual...they don't know why...then this guy they didn't know kept making them buy things...and then they were sliding down a mountain...but it wasn't really a mountain, somehow it was the water slide at Lagoon...but they were in a wagon, which had rusted wheels...yeah. Like that. That interesting.


So anyway, here we are, once again at the start of a new week, a new day, a new rain, a new sinus headache. Which is delightful to me. But who am I to complain when my daughter has it soooo much worse? I mean, really. How is a girl supposed to go on with her day, as if NOTHING has happened, when she has a bruise on her hip? And not just ONE bruise, but TWO IDENTICAL BRUISES! I KNOW!

And THEN, not only two hip bruises, but she peeled a piece of dead skin off her ear and NOW IT REALLY, REALLY STINGS! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD! PLUS...get THIS...there is this spot on her hairline that FEELS like it's bruised! NO, REALLY! It TOTALLY is KILLING HER! And so I ask you all, is it any WONDER that the child needed to MAKE AN EMERGENCY CALL TO ME FROM SCHOOL this morning, to TELL ME OF ALL THESE AILMENTS, and then request she either come home immediately from school, or at the very least, I could bring her some Tylenol~RIGHT NOW~in order that she might continue to bare these burdens...silently, of course...and with a pioneer spirit...for the rest of her day?

From the fruit of my loins comes this mountain of courage. So very proud. (heart pound, head tilt, biting lower lip to keep my emotions from overwhelming this blog)

So I'm off, peeps. Time to unwrap the TREASURES I found whilst dancing through "Just a Bed of Roses." If you've never been there, GET OFF YOUR LAZY, RAINY DAY MONDAY DUFF, put on your pirate eye patch and metal hand hook and get to seeking! If there's anything left, that is. Cuz remember my hoarding instincts?

Just sayin'.


Mimi Sue said...

I hope you didn't buy the things that I should have had instead of you. I guess what I don't know won't hurt me. Tell the fruit of your loins that she is one brave little chick for sticking it out at school. With the bruised hip and the peeling ear and all. She must come from good pioneer stock. Mimi

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed that the fruit of your loins is being so brave and courageous. I mean, who ACTUALLY goes to school with bruises on not only one hip BUT TWO?!? As if!
Reminds me of Napoleon calling Kip to bring him some chap stick cuz his lips are so dry GOSH!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Oh my I was having a great laugh...especially sitting through other childrens piano recitals...thats a true pioneer woman.

Right now WHO wants to be in school...I know the teachers don't even want to be there...can you imagine their pain and need for tylenol.

Love love and more love (yes I loved) your last paragraph...did I exaggerate that enough for you?
Thank you so much, and I heard you had quite a good time,but no one mentioned the dancing, was that in your head, because you were just dreaming crazy dreams and going to Lagoon and who would go to lagoon even in their dreams?

I just love to come home to your blog Lisa!

sandra said...

Oh Lisa, you capture life's precious moments so accurately and acutely! I LOVED your blog today, I can so relate, I sit through dance recitals and 99% of them dancing are not mine, and I have to watch all the 3 year olds stand and do nothing, and the 4 year olds waving, and the 5 year olds, you get the picture. And another thing, saturday was my birthday, my day, the thing where you get to be the princess for one entire day, and wouldnt you know my 16 year old broke out in hives (reaction to her penicillin from strep throat) and ALL day, and I mean ALL, did I mention ALL DAY? welp, all day I kept hearing how horrid her hives were and LOOK, LOOK they are growing and spreading and itchy, and LOOK AGAIN as they keep growing. I actually screamed at her YOU ARE RUINING MY BIRTHDAY, and wouldn't you know, that still didn't work! Benedryl did knock her out and SHUT her up! thank heaven for Benedryl. And your dream analogy, oh dear, now I know what I sound like, hah hah, I will never try to explain my dream to anyone again! (unless I want to put them to sleep) Thanks for the sunshine on this rainy day!

Krista said...

Girl, I am telling you. Our two girls are related - twins separated at birth. The Lord knew no one could handle two of them, so he split them up. We had a voice mail from Mimi talking in her sad, squeaky little voice that went on for five minutes about all the bad things that happened that day and at the end she said, "So when you get home I need a hug." I wish I had an audio program and I would have posted it as a blog post.

reasonably chubby said...

Hahaha! This was hilarious! :) Thanks for making me laugh today. I've got to go lay down now, my cuticle on my right thumb is throbbing...

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh dear, is this what I have to look forward to when my daughter starts her piano lessons? Hmmm... perhaps I should re-think this.