Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi peeps! Just got back from helping out the 4th grade again for their Mountain Man Rendezvous, and can I just BLOG SHOUT LOUDLY that ROBIN PROVOST FREAKIN' ROCKS THE 4TH GRADE TEACHING SCENE!

That woman is all in, friends~heart and soul and fierce and festive buffalo earrings~that's right, buffalo earrings~kind of all in. Heart pound and two fingered kiss throw. That's me showin' you some love, lady. Take it all in. Oh, yeah. This is your day. You are FAMOUS NOW! BLUE AND SHOE KIND OF FAMOUS! And guess what. Now? If you google your name? It'll come up linked to this blog! And who doesn't want THAT?

You're welcome.

So, big, fat long story in my head, but short and sweet on the blog~I wore tennis shoes to the school...............................with a skirt.

I KNOW!!!!!

I don't know if I know who I am anymore, either. Can I even call myself Princess Lisa forever more? Cuz as far as I know, flowery, dainty Auroras do NOT wear tennis shoes...even when they actually play tennis! And now I have an eye twitch. And I'm not certain that the two are related, but come could they NOT be?

Plus, another not-so-charming thing is that there is a B.O. funk dripping off of me. Almost like I'm wearing onions for earrings. On account of they were roasting/crock potting onions for said Mountain Man Rendezvous. And I think it might be against the law to crock pot onions. Pretty sure I saw it on T.V...or I read it somewhere...or I made it up. Whatever. You guys never believe me.

So let's break this down. I wore tennis shoes and a flowy skirt and reek of B.O.~also, worked at a Mountain Man Rendezvous with an average of 30 children round my knee at any given moment. All we're missing is a long braid and ENORMOUS bangs, and we're right back to that intriguing sister wife reference from yesterday.

Great. Maybe we have more in common than I thunk.


Anonymous said... is time......TIME to go camping with your husband and boys and sand caked daughter. Time to watch your boys have some fun in the sand and even strip down to their skivees. Time to take a shower in a itty bitty shower. Time to go potty (potty mouth)in a trailer (not even an outhouse) and live by the motto "if it's yellow, let it mellow...if it's brown, flush 'er down"! Time to cook in dutch the mountain men did (not crock pots). It is time Lisa...

It is TIME...and you know what the church says.."it's about TIME" ya ....Anony :)

Mimi Sue said...

Yet one more reason I'm glad I'm menopausal instead of helping out in the 4th grade. I'm counting my blessings, hot flashes and all. Mimi

Lisa said...

Anony, you're pulling that "time" crap out of thin air. What does that EVEN have to do with sister wifing...oh, UNLESS you want to BE sister wives in our camping misery~sharing B.O., wearing tennis shoes and growing GIANT BANGS. Okay, I'll think about it.

Mimi~you're obviously a "glass half full" kind of chick. Love that about you.

Anonymous said...

You started talking 'bout mountain man rendezvous and I immediately thought about camping! And yes....I would love to be your sister wife in camping! As long as I can get you there :) Anony

Ster said...

Hey hon, sounds like yer going to the dunes with us, start packing!

kara Elmore said...

Just a few things to say ...

FIRST - I found ROBIN PROVOST first ... she was MY first grade teacher. So - I WIN. Because I KNEW HER FIRST.

SECOND - If you EVER wear tennis shoes w/ a SKIRT again - I will personally DISOWN you.! Ashamed. sick.gross.ew.

THIRD - I know that you know that we all know - especially I know - that you wouldn't know ANYTHING about cooking .... so don't pretend about "onions in the crockpot". Do you HAVE a crockpot? Aren't you the SAME person that I called and gave a recipe to and you actually PRETENDED to write it down - KNOWING very well that you weren't about to EVER make it ... EVER??? yes. same person. And aren't you the same person who when Nicki and I say "ohh - just a dash of salt" you either 1) put in 2 kernals or 2) throw in a full tablespoon (because it's prettier that way.

Sister wife. yes. with tennis shoes and smelly B.O. I'll comment again when you've fixed those things. I've come to count on very few things in life - but YOU IN HEELS IN ONE OF THEM!!!!!

fix it.

See Mom Smile said...

Somedays I would not mind a sister-wife. I would even wear the hair-do if she cleaned.

I left you something at my blog!

Krista said...

Yeah, the tennis shoes thing. I didn't know you would even own a pair. Do they have sparkles on them? I think it's okay to wear them with a skirt if they have bling.

Lisa said...

No bling. Just good ol' meant for running/walking shoes. Big, giant and hideous. I forgot to mention the REASON I wore them~cuz I walked to the school. You all KNEW there had to be extenuating circumstances.

Cindy Geilmann said...

Ya know, if I ever want to laugh, I come to your blog. You and your comments are always so fun. The tennis shoes, you could pull it off, the onions, they smell delicious, until they get on your cloths. The bangs, ya gotta be careful, they can look greesy. And, the 30 kids, what a trip, I bet they loved you. And last, the great teacher, you only find a few of them in a life-time.

Sure Love ya

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Very intriguing!

reasonably chubby said...

Hey there! Just found you through See Mom Smile--love your blog! :) You so funny. And yes, I did say that in my best asian accent. Have a great weekend! P.S. I'm signing up to follow you now, so you can't get away from me. Don't even try.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I think only a TRUE woman would wear tenni-shoes with a skirt and blog about it.

You're my hero.