Friday, May 7, 2010


A couple of sons and friends~can't believe they told people I was their mom...
Jolley's mom and me~pre-move bustin'...
More youthful missionary moms~love these chicks...
And yet another, gorgeous Erica~looks too good for midnight...
The reason for attending midnight showings~where else can you wear your homemade Iron Man 2 costume? Nowhere, that's where.

OK~a riddle. What does popcorn, Dr. Pepper, Reeses Pieces, the jerk, the swim, the Q-tip, the snake, the sprinkler, the cabbage patch, the Saturday Night Fever pointer finger move, the trademark leg grab and jerk, the midnight showing of Iron Man 2, the pre-movie dance off competition and the winner of said competition, all have in common?


And sure 'nuf, I threw my hip out again. BUT IT WAS CLEARLY WORTH IT, cuz I won a poster, which is PROOF that I rock. Literally and figuratively.

Now I know my triumph wasn't necessarily because of all those nubile young dance moves I mentioned above, because, let's face it, doing the Q-tip...Q-tip...and then throwing it away, isn't a serious threat to the kid bustin' a ghetto move on his shoulders, spinning around and around and around on the cement floor, until he grinds his shoulder skin off.

That right there is commitment (and stupid...and kind of gross.)

But I submit, that you cannnot underestimate the power of the compassionate youth who sees somebody's mother out there making a freaking farce of all that is Good and Holy, and like putting down a horse with a broken leg, ends it quickly and compassionately.

In the horse's case, a bullet to the head.

In mine, a poster in the hand.

Either way, IT IS DONE.

So yes, people, I know the spirit in which the victory was won. And I'm not proud. Well, actually, I kind of am. I'll take it. I'll take that Iron Man 2 poster and hold it close to my bosom. My heaving, sweating, bless my heart and my busted hip, bosom.

No, really.
Totally for him.
Not about me, people.
Not this time.
All about the boy.
Every last little bit of it...
Mm hmm.
You heard me.
Not me.

OK, me.


Erica Borrowman said...

I love you! And I saw you deserve to have Bobby's Baby Browns staring down at you from that Iron Man 2 poster - admiringly, proudly, even, dare I say, jealously staring down at you just because of your beauty, talent, and these sacrifices you make for the boy. Totally deserve it. I was happy to be a witness. Oh - did I mention...I have VIDEO of your tribal talent? Yep. Gonna' post it this weekend. So, be prepared for Hollywood to come-a'knockin'! :) I had a blast - thank you for being such an awesome friend.

Mimi Sue said...

Well, you know what they say, motherhood is all about sacrifice and you guys sure know how to do it right! Mimi

Krista said...

Your son will be sad he missed your dancing debut! You'll have to teach me some moves on our way to CBC! I haven't danced since the 80's and I know I would hurt myself - throw out a knee. Ouch.

Krista said...

PS. I want to see the video, too, Erica!

See Mom Smile said...

Did someone say video? Pass the popcorn! Love your committment to your son.

Lisa said...

Mm hmm. Glad you girls understand it's all about mother/son love. Erica, if you post that video, can you photoshop me into thin? If not, I'm afraid I'll have to cut you if you post it. (two fingered eyeball point)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I just don't know what to say here, just giggling at Princess mother Lisa I guess!

Let me know when to get the popcorn ready, I want to see the video too!

Wishing you a wonderful Mothers WILL be all about YOU today won't it LISA?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. Pa

Erica Borrowman said... the way - that picture of me is horrid. If I'd tipped my head back a half inch, my brain would be on display. Seriously.