Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So Bitty Boo has once again shown herself superior to me in her comprehension of BL or blog~log. (That's short for "dialogue."~I'm trying to sound superior by making up my own nicknames and acronyms.) She informed me that the number of views refers to my profile, not my daily posts. Also, apparently once you sign in to make comments on someone else's blog, you're considered a "blogger" or some such jibber-nonsense.

And all I have to say is~

I knew that. (with a wrinkled up nose and annoyed expression)

And then I walk away, raise my eyebrows and do the surprised smile when you can't see me anymore.


kara elmore said...

It's ALL about humility, Lis ... ALL about humility. And I am PROUD of you for ACCEPTING what was shown to you. You COULD have walked away - MAD, UPSET, ANGRY that I had to SHOW YOU what those things mean. Instead you bought my kids their Christmas clothes - because you're kind like that. I help you with your blog - you spend $$$ on me. See - I'm kind like that, too! :)

Ster said...

These last 2 blogs are not near long enough, I NEED MORE! Drive safe.

Anonymous said...

What in the sam-hill was Kara talking about in the last blog?...she lost me at hello (which is not hard when it comes to computer lingo).

How's that football outfit coming along? Did you talk her into a pink jersey just to have a little "mom" in there?

Lisa said...

Shhhhhhh...don't tell, but I'm going to put glitter flowers all over the helmet tonight. With gorilla glue. Too hard to get off without destroying the plastic. Aw. Such a shame. Guess we'll have to keep them on.