Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tired of having a target on my fanny.

Tired of people aiming and shooting willie-nillie at said target on my fanny.

Tired of people who, after aiming, shooting and nailing me dead center through the fanny, scream and moan that I've offended them by receiving their arrow through my fanny.

After having yanked and pulled out many poison tipped arrows lately, I am weary. Can't keep turning the other (fanny) cheek, because it's full of holes, too.

So as the wounds heal, the skin gets thicker, whether I want it to or not. A casualty of willie nillie arrows and Mama Bears that don't understand this term is nothing to aspire to.

Here's a thought~Let us remove the Mama Bear mantra and instead aspire to be Mothers who know...

Mothers who know... that their child often tells only a "smidgen" of the truth~and only the "smidgen" that makes them look innocent. Mothers who know... that children must reap what they sow~without Mama Bear intervention~or become a government subsidized burden to society. Mothers who know... that their child will most surely rise to the height of the bar they're told to catapult over, whether it's two inches off the ground or in the beautiful starry skies.

I want to be that mother.

And I want my porcelain thin skin back.

...And tight pores.

Too much to ask?

(I think I went too far with the tight pores.)


Kara Elmore said...

OOOOOO I can't WAIT to hear the details of THIS story tomorrow morning! All I know is that if I can be like YOU - then I'm a mother who knows! And women who KNOW and UNDERSTAND - want to be, and aspire to be, a mother who knows.

Mama Bears are like stage mothers ... PURE idiots! :)

Anonymous said...

Mothers who know....enough said :)
Thank you for this post!!!
Love you friend!

Lisa said...

Love you both, sisters and friends...and mothers who know.