Saturday, October 24, 2009


Went to the Halloween store~against my will and only because it was my daughter's DREAM mother/daughter date. Oh, she's such a soft flower petal of a maiden.

There are two main categories in the shop~Whore and Horror. Here's how it went...

Jules~"MOM! MOM! Can I have blood on me for Halloween? Like running down my face and stuff?"(jumping up and down, almost screeching with delight)

Me~"No, I'm sorry. I went as far as I could go letting you be a football player."(shaking my head with faux sorrow)

Jules~"Ooooo. I luuuuuuvvvvv those pointy vampire fingers. (referring to sharp metal claws that evil, murdering people wear on one finger.) Can I get one? Pllleeeeeeeeaasee!"(dancing around like she needs to wee)

Me~"Not only no, but 'H' no." (calmly and with a raised brow)

Jules~"Oh my gosh, Mom. That is sooooo cooooool! I love those sooooo much! Can I be that for Halloween next year?" (referring to a corpse mask with partial skin stretched over sinew and patches of bloody hair)

Me~(silence...thoughtful silence) "Do you just want to be exactly opposite of me?"

Jules~"Well, I don't want to. I just am." (laughing and oblivious to the implication that she "doth not seek for mine approval," walks away to look at more gore)

Out of the mouths of babes.


kara elmore said...

I imagined every portion of it! And I am not only PROUD of you - but I will thrive to EMULATE you! Did I spell that right??? I remember when Ava - you know ... "the glowing princess of glory" asked me at three years of age if she could be a SCARY DARK PRINCESS OF HORROR/WHORE. With spider webs that draped across her COAL BLACK HAIR (that was at the moment nearly bright white w/ springy goldi-locks-spirals). She then asked for spider nylons and a SHORT MINI skirt that showed her fanny.

I nipped that in the bud by saying - "not only NO - but H no (see - I learn fast!). AND Aunt Lisa would be SO disappointed because she would NEVER let Julia look like anything other than a princess".

You'll need to "fix" the thing w/ Julia before Ava catches on!!!

Anonymous said... sorry! Gone are the fair maiden/princess days of Halloween! She's gonna be a football player huh?!? Passed right by the cheerleader costume and went straight for the jock strap! Way to go Jules...send that dagger straight into your mothers heart!!!

Could you add GLITTER to a jock strap? hmmmmm, maybe not.

Lisa said...

Yes, she passed right by the cheerleaders...and the princesses...and the bar wenches, too. So I guess I should shut up about it~could be worse.

Amanda K said...

I guess I am crazy because IF we "did" halloween here, I would be cackling in delight if my kids wanted to be draped in cobwebs or oozing blood over pretty princess dresses. But that is mainly because at heart I am still a rebellious brat, and it would give me joy to see the looks of shock and horror on my parents and in-laws faces. *g*

Lisa said...

Amanda, if you lived here, you'd not only "celebrate" this holiday, but you'd probably run your own Spook Alley Gore Fest. It would probably make millions, too.