Friday, October 23, 2009


So Ju-ju comes in to me yesterday and sighs a breathy sigh. She stands there waiting for me to notice. She has taken great pains in her mid-afternoon (we're off track~the day begins at noon-break) decorating ritual and is seeking recognition for a job well done.

I hadn't noticed yet, but this was manifest in the amount of glitter applied to her eyelids~and cheeks~and chin~and forehead (who knew foreheads needing a dusting of dazzle?)...and the bright red lipstick seeping well beyond her lips boundaries~as true beauty knows NO boundaries..and the fragmented smoothing of her Hollywood hair style, rats nest in the back, brushed front and sides. (She can't even see the back, Mom, so nobody else can either. Duh.)

Another long sigh...and hip shift with leg thrown out, thumping loudly on the carpeted floor. I didn't know legs could thump loudly on carpet, but if they're attached to a nine year old in make up, they do.

I finally looked up, jumped and startled, but then composed very quickly, as I knew we were treading treacherous ugly-stage territory.

"Wow. Look at you. sparklin' you got goin' on there." I smile an eyebrow furrowing smile, meant to convey "What the H?" but in a very kind and motherly way.

She's proud. Just as proud as proud can be. She throws her hands down and across her outfit in a flourish and exclaims, "Look! Do you like my outfit? I just MADE IT UP!"

Truth had been spoken. It was apparent that this design was her very own masterpiece. And then I started to think and nearly speak critically, but before any damage was done, Heavenly Father stepped in by hurling me wildly back in time to exactly this moment in my own life.

There I was, walking through the neighborhood streets, pushing the stroller for a child I was babysitting (kind of insane that someone would trust me with their child at age 9) and clomping along in my gold and blue "culotte" ensemble, complete with dark suntan pantyhose (my mothers) and wedgie heels (my older sisters) and a puss completely smothered in a pot of cream blue eyeshadow (free sample from the Avon lady) and Max Factor lips.

Wasn't wearing a bra~which was painfully apparent~but not to me.

I thought I was beautiful. Stunning, in fact. I knew my teenage sister's boyfriends preferred me to her, and were just hanging around the house to catch a glimpse of me in my pre-pubescent glory. Poor sister~If she only knew.

So BAM, SLAM, BACK TO THE PRESENT and I blink my eyes hard and fast and feel like I'm looking at my own twin~just 32 years later.

I laugh.

Oh. I know who you are, beautiful girl.

Carry on.


kara elmore said...

Once again - I feel a PERSONAL post here to myself. And feel that you are in fact telling me that when Wesley makes the ugliest face EVER and presents it to me in a way that I should REWARS him .... I SHOULD NOT screeeeech to a HAULT w/ the "UGLY" face showing in full force and yell "OH MY H! What the CRAP is that FACE/SOUND!? When you makes sounds accompanying THAT FACE it makes me want to slap you! So DON'T!" What you're in fact saying to me, Lisa - is that I should love, him, embrace him and remember who he is. Is that what I should be getting from this post??? ;)

kara elmore said...

oops I meant REWARD him .. not REWARS.

Anonymous said...

Darn it....I didn't get to see her so sparkly! Next time, send her out on the street pushing a stroller so I can see!!!

Lisa said...

Yes, BB, YOU are the reason for the glitter post! It's aaallll about teaching you a lesson in mothering. Are you fixed yet? Sure hope so, cuz I'm tired of blogging a vicarious blog.

Mar, I'll send her over next time with a bag of ice. Try to stay composed when she arrives. :)