Monday, October 19, 2009


Aaaaannnnddd, going to spend too much money on eldest son today. It wasn't quite enough that we had to pay for the mailbox massacre~we wanted...needed to do more. But what? How can we show full appreciation and admiration to son for just being HIM? And, for being born. Yes, just for being born. I'll tell you how...lavish birthday gifts and money pouring down like raindrops from Heaven, that's how! So we've seeded the clouds and he now stands open armed and head tilted, ready to receive the downpour.

Therefore, on such a momentous occasion, I'd like to treat you to a small anecdote. THIS is how we knew the boy was meant for greatness~and I share this with only you~a few of my closest and dearest friends. Enjoy...

Moments after being born, son was lying wide eyed in the incubator (not just for baby chicks, I guess) and without even a fig-leaf for modesty. His two grandpappys were there, admiring what had been produced from their off-springs loins. One grandpa points and says to the other, "Wow. Would you look at the pecker on that boy?" Other grandpa shakes his head and says, "Ooo, ahhhhh, eehh, heh heh heh heh." Which is gentleman speak for, "I feel terribly uncomfortable with that remark~but yes, yes that is quite a stem on that apple." Two grandpas smile at each other, to themselves and then walk away whistling.

And he's been delighting and impressing us ever since.

And there you have it. Out of small and simple things come that which is great. I'm speaking, of course, about his spirit and...what were you think-...oh, never mind.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOY-SON!!! (insert something profound here)

(Now weep and sob as you read this, knowing that THIS is a Hallmark moment.)


Kara Elmore said...

I'm very disappointed in your lack of humor in this post. I mean - I WEPT profusely when I wanted to laugh. Imagining him, open-armed - receiving such glorious gifts from above. Ohhhh beauty words, I tell you. Now - go work on something funny, will ya???


Lisa said...

Hi Bitty Boo! Thank you for being my only commentator. You are my favorite! By the way, I have finished the costumes and will be sending them tomorrow WITH a SPECIAL PRESENT FOR YOU! I know! Yay!

Anonymous said...

What am I???? Chopped liver???

Happy Birthday -'stem on that apple- mail box murderer'!!!

Lisa said...

Ha! I was referring to this ONE blog, not the WHOLE in general. I DO thank you, more than you know, for commenting! And just for the rest of the world...


Make you feel special? That's what I was hoping for. Now everyone knows how great you are...anonymous. :)

Anonymous said... you're just making me blush!!!

No need to explain! I understand the bond you two have :) love you!