Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just have to set things straight. My blog profile says I've been a blogger since 2007. I didn't even know what a blog was two years ago. Also says there have only been 180 views to my blog since 2007. It has claimed this for a month now, and I know there are more than that, as I MYSELF have logged on to my own blog enough times to have reached that number single handed. What can I say? Vanity. And a healthy dose of poor self esteem. "Has anyone commented on my post? How about now? How about now? How about now?"

Also, it takes AT LEAST three to four times to have a comment post. Don't know why. I've tried to figure this out and have even gone to Bitty Boo with eyes wide open and innocent, hoping she could work magic, but alas, even her powers are limited. Who knew?

Anyway, just had to officially set the records straight.

Now please, people, show some dogged determination in leaving comments so I don't have to come mouth breathe over your shoulders. You've been warned. *This does not apply to Bitty Boo or Anonymous (Maren) as they've shown themselves to be steadfast and immovable~and vocal. I LOVE vocal! (unless you don't agree with me)


Ster said...

You are right, I myself hace logged on more than 170 times myself! I Love it. I Always want to say something clever, however I pale in comparison.

Ster said...

See, this is why I dont comment, what a mess.

Amanda K said...

I have nothing to say. Other than how in the world could you NOT know what a blog was?! did you not read Kara's? For shame! lol.

Lisa said...

'Bout time I hear from you, Amanda. And I just said that about the blog to get a rise out of you. I TOTALLY knew what a blog was back then. TOTALLY.

Debbie Jorgensen Hall said...

I am coming out from under my rock--risking my 'lurker' status, to say that I read your blog more than most other! Love how you say what you have to say!


Lisa said...

Deb, I consider it an honor and privilege to have been "lurked" by you.

Kara Elmore said...

BLESSSSSSSS your freaking HEART sister of mine.

FIRST OF ALL: Profile view of 170 people MEANS that 170 people have clicked on that thing BELOW the beautiful picture that I TOOK. So 170 people have viewed that write-up of yourself. You know ... that CLICKABLE thing that says "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE". So - just so you're straight THIS MEANS that 170 people have clicked this button. Does THAT MAKE SENSE? So ... 170 people .. have.............. what? What did I say?

I, bitty boo, will someone figure out how to insert a STATS counter on the bottom. That will mean that you will ALWAYS know HOW MANY PEOPLE at all times, and in all things and in all places have clicked on this blog.

AND LASTELY BLASTLY BH: Although you haven't had a blog since 2007, it's counting since you've had a google mail account to which you, yourself were able to log on to SOMEONE ELSE"S (namely MY BLOG which is for those who don't know and SHOULD comment: karaelmore.typepad.com. Again... karaelmore.typepad.com.) BLOG. So - if you ever left a comment on my blog you had to "log in". And I KNOW you've been commenting on MY blog (karaelmore.typepad.com) since then.

There - problems solved. Happiness remains.

NOW - people GO COMMENT. SHE NEEDS/WANTS to feel the LOVE of BLOG LAND!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...