Thursday, October 15, 2009


Have I ever mentioned my daughter? Oh, that's right~there was that post about "no joy," but I didn't really get into too much detail.

I had planned to have another child shortly after Ju-Ju was born. And you know, I kept those plans, even after giving birth to her, and if you can forget hemorrhoids, a swelling nose (no, really, my nose was enormous~she almost escaped my womb through my nostrils) and hating everything but the taste of dirt and oranges for nine (that's a lie~it's almost ten) months, then pretty much you know you were serious.

However, after the initial burst of excitement about having a female make and model, I realized that her outward appearance might be mine to mold and create...but not her personality.

That, apparently, was up to Heavenly Father.

And HE, apparently, doesn't take cues or direction from MOTHERS.

Which I personally think is kind of a mistake, but whatever.

So the curse that most everyone's mother places on them at some point in their youth~usually after a dastardly deed~that "hope you have a child EXACTLY like you" came true. And how can I claim that I was undeserving of such a trial...I mean daughter, as this?

Which brings me to Ju-Ju. And to Bitty Boo and Taz. And Amanda's Screaming Banshee. What did they do to deserve their little demons? I mean, if we're going to blame someone, let's get right to it.

So here is my theory. I believe there was a gorgeous piece of material in Heaven. It was so precious, that it was put on a high shelf and "saved for nice." Sky blue with diamonds and glitter. Soft, shiny, magnificently high in thread count, and there were three (or more, but I can only speak for three) spirits just waiting for bodies. One day, those three mavericks climbed up the shelf and pulled that fabric down. They wrapped themselves in it and danced and twirled and then requested of Heavenly Father that they might ALL be cut out of the same cloth. So they were.

The same screamy, wild haired, wild eyed, I want it all and I want it NOW, don't tell me NO, I have NO idea what kind or patient means, love me even when I'm horrid, I will eventually become the most amazing, delightful, beautiful, wonderful person you have ever had the privilege to know daughter, CLOTH.

And Heavenly Father chuckled and sent them down to us.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to sew them up correctly.

Looks like I need some sewing lessons.

So down on my knees I go. But this time I don't remind Him that I'm receiving "no joy." Instead, I thank Him for the divine nature of the cloth and pray for the ability to create what He had in mind when He sent it to me~a beautiful princess costume~because she is His daughter.

The daughter of a King.

Ah, there is the joy.


Kara Elmore said...

fyi - I spent a REALLY long time writing a lovely post. Only to have it deleted. You should REALLY tell the person who helped you with your blog to FIX THAT!!!! :)

I decided to be nice to Taz today. LOVELY DELIGHT. And then I decided to print this entire post as wallpaper so I can be reminded of your lovely words every day!!! Same cloth. BRILLIANT and beautiful!

Oh - side note for the readers. Lisa was her OWN JuJu. I, however, was NOTHING like Taz. So I'm pretty sure that I'll get extra blessings/reward! :)

Amanda K said...

I need to print this out too to remind myself that it's all worth it some days! Oh my... I can't possibly have ever been as horrible as the banshee though. I mean, surely not?! LOL. I just bet MY Mum is quietly chuckling to herself with glee every time I call her to complain.

The Simonson Family said...

So Nice! I really needed to read this today, as my little "devil" has been sent to her room several times for various outbursts! Thanks again, I love reading your posts!

.E. said...

Hi... I just found your blog through your sisters link on her blog.. seriously girl you two are both the most amazing writers... I have one of those little angels myself.. (giggling) what a great story.. I look forward to coming back and reading more.


Lisa said...

So glad to have you as a follower, "E." That's kind of funny to address something to an initial...but you're kind of like the celebrities who only need one name to be recognized...only you're a step further and only need an initial. You MUST be famous!

I looked at your website and your photography is absolutely ravishing. What incredible talent. So like I said, you ARE celebrity.

Hope to hear more from you.