Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I dreamed last night that I went to a restaurant with several tables built for two. A couple of steps up from these tables was a platform with the entire wall being shower stalls...open to the public for full view, as there were no rods or curtains. All of the tables were full, but there were openings in the stalls.

So if you REALLY wanted to eat there, you had to strip down naked, lather up and take a full on shower in front of the people seated at the tables.

So I did.

But I left a really small tip, because I really, really hated doing it. That'll show 'em.

Now for the kicker. I made reservations to return. But you can BET I'll be going on a diet before I do.

I'm not stupid, you know.

(Anyone else out there have horrible naked dreams? Please share.)


Anonymous said...

Nope - just you! :)

Lisa said...

You can't hide behind anonymous...MAREN! And just so you know, it's OK that you don't have your own naked dreams. I have naked dreams ABOUT you, FOR you. How's that? Hmmm? Make you feel better? I didn't think so.

You should have just had your OWN naked dreams and saved yourself the humiliation of me knowing what you look like naked! Just sayin'.

Kara Elmore said...

I think it's HEALTHY to have naked dreams. THAT WAY we get it out of our SYSTEM! And we have NO desire to want to be naked out in public.. like MAREN!!!

I had that reoccurring dream in high school about forgetting my locker combination (I posted this on my blog) and then going to class NAKED and forgetting that I hadn't actually BEEN to English class the entire semester!!

Lisa said...

ALWAYS have that testing dream. And the locker com. We're all just a little bit crazy, aren't we? Nice to know we're in mass numbers.