Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Did everyone reading this know that Bitty Boo's smile lights up a room? Her hands are pretty when she lightly touches her face. Her hair is just like a model in a Pantene commercial. Also, her wedding ring is HUGE, even though she NEVER would have requested something so ostentatious. She's just not that way.

So modest.

So humble.

So good at directing her sister's blog topics.

Her sister doesn't even know when she's being manipulated into writing complimentary fluff pieces on her. She just does what she's told. She's kind of like a Borg~resistance is futile.


Kara Elmore said...

I am simply disgusted. Disgusted that your so called "SISTER" would even ASK you to write that. Rude. She must not even KNOW herself to ask you to describe her on your BLOG! Who is she???

Lisa said...

She is BITTY BOO, that's who. And she is veeeery persuasive. After all, it IS all about her. :)