Friday, March 19, 2010


Some of my very most favorite songs~"Boo Boperetta." And "Pay the rent collect." Oh, also, "Hot potatoes." Just to name a few. Not familiar? Hm. Well, maybe you don't listen quite so carefully to your radio, like I do. Maybe music doesn't speak to your soul as eloquently as it does to mine. Or maybe my ear is just a little bit more 'fine tuned' than yours. But whatever. I don't judge.

And yes, now that you mention it, they do seem kind of...unlikley names for songs. Pay the rent collect? Not sure where Prince was going with that, but I guess "baby" is "much too fast." Who knew? And listen, HE is the artist, (formerly known as)~not me. I just interpret his work, according to my own experiences.

And Boo Boperetta, by Sade? It might be a special language that only she understands. Once again, who am I to question? Does she owe me an explanation for speaking in tongues? No. No she doesn't, people.

Hot Potatoes? Well, that one's a little bit more perplexing. But it's repeated over and over again, so I know for sure that's what they're saying~ "Hot potatoes, hot potatoes. Hot potatoes, hot potatoes. Hot potatoes, hot potatoes...oh, oh, oh, hot potatoes." You can look it up. Falco sings it. And it says, "Rock me, hot potatoes." If that helps.

Anyway, obviously, I'm a connoisseur of lyrical gems, and have a very broad mind. I let the creative genius speak freely, never invoking reason or thought to the equation. As clearly, they have very strong feelings for potatoes, if they're willing to write an entire anthem about them.

So the next time you hear me belting out a tune, at the top of my lungs, like~ 'SHE'S GOT ELECTRIC BOOTS, A MOHAWK, TOO'~(Elton John~duh) feel free to sing along with an open heart...and an empty mind.

It's synergy, people. Synergy.


kara elmore said...

Hot potatoes .... CRAP - I HAVE to know what song this is!!! I won't REST until it has cleared my soul.

You always DID sing the best, know the songs and do the "snake" just the right way. You'll be honored one way. I KNOW IT!

btw - our girls are at the park. I put Jules in charge of both of them. hahahahahahahahahaha! Ohhh to steal her out of school was THE BEST idea I've had yet! :)

Anonymous said...

LOTION...BABY LOTION. Those are the words my 3 year old daughter would sing to "Love Shack".
"That's right, my darling daughter, those are the EXACT words to that song!", I would say to her.
Do you think I should tell her the truth now that she's 16? Naaaaa.

Do you remember this from Phoebe off of FRIENDS: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" by Elton John :)

Love it.....Anony

Lisa said...

Hot potatoes is "Amadeus." Now you can rest, Boo. lotion? LOVE IT! Tell her the night before she gets married. And yes, I DO remember that Tony Danza song. Ha! I actually looked up a website with "commonly misunderstood lyrics." Oh my crud, that is funny!

Krista said...

What fine musical taste you have! And have I mentioned you have FABULOUS taste in friends as well. Loves!

kara elmore said...

AMADEUS?? really. huh - now THAT will be in my head ALL NIGHT LONG. Ohhh well - you get to hear me sing it then! :)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

This qualifies for the book...and hot potatoes sounds good to me right now, think I will have one with an empty mind.
I just love how my vocabulary is nice of you to share all your words and songs I havent heard for some time.

Neen said...

Layne finds a way to distroy many a song! We have actually had "loud conversations" about it. It makes me CRAZY. If anyone else sang wrong lyrics it would be hysterical! Hummmm go figure.

Mimi Sue said...

You must really love anything that Lady Gaga "sings"...Mimi