Wednesday, June 16, 2010


View from my Summertime porch...



Not really sure how I'll celebrate. Probably go get the key to the city and have a bicycle parade with crepe paper in my spokes. Stuff like that. Feel free to drop by with a glittery, breezy gift~nothing too extravagant. Maybe call me up and tell me I look young and fresh. Just helping you out with some simple suggestions, cuz I know how busy you all must be, racking your brains for Father's Day. I want this love fest for Lisa to just come my brilliant posts have for me.

And as a happy gift for YOU, I will link a few favorites from our time together over the last few months. We've shared a lot, you and Us have shared lots of times. So let's stroll down Princess Lisa's rose strewn path of times, shall we?

First off, any of you joining us at B&S (Oh my he&%, I just realized my blog's acronym is B.S! That is just soooo...accurate.) already in progress, might want to understand Why Blue and Shoe...

Now, a look inside my worst nightmare...

And a heart wrenching missionary farewell...

I could go on and on, friends. In fact, I could link every. single. post. But I won't. Because I am NOT an attention whore. What I AM is...A GOOD MOTHER...AND The base of every pyramid.

Oh, one last thing. 'Member that foam from yesterday? And how I led you to believe it might not be done until next Christmas? Yeah, well, I lied. Once again I've outdone myself and put you to shame. But keep your chin up, BBFFs. Paste a smile on that weary face! Because TOMORROW, there will be ANOTHER BLUE AND SHOE POST!

It's the least I can do.

You're welcome.

Heart pound, kiss throw and fingering '200' in sign language.


Neen said...

Hey BS.... love the porch swing!!! Can't wait to see it in person. Still an over achiever I see! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BS! I feel like I've been here from the very start. Oh wait a minute, I have! I really have enjoyed every post!

NICE porch swings! Love 'em! But you might want to tie those puppies down so they don't blow through yer windows with this 'hurricane force' wind! I'm kinda waiting for my trampoline to take flight!....Anony ;)

kara Elmore said...

wait - do you even KNOW how to sign language the # 200??? Because I do ... so just checking to see if YOU do!!

I LOVE ... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the freaking fabulous swings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was WELL worth the wait for me. us. you.

And tell Anony that YOUR wind is NOTHING compared to MY wind ... down here in lower syracuse where the SEWER PLANT smell would EAT your trampoline! Or rip those cushions right off their rightful place ... like I said earlier - POO ON YOUR SHOULDER!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I was just outside and found this kiss flying through the wind... just now...knew it was from You, it was BLUE like your porch swing which is spectacular as I knew it would be...and of course you suprised us, like ALL YOUR 200 POSTS suprise us...that's what i love about you!
Be careful on that bicycle.
Congratulations...and I covet the swing really really really bad.
Can i still go to heaven?

Garden of Egan said...

You are killin' me!!!! 200 posts, hmmmm you are vociferous.
Well, you really do look young. I was shocked when you told me you were a mother, I thought for sure you were 14 or something like that. You are Brittany Spears beautiful....that was a compliment K?
Your porch swing is so darling. You are a master of creativity!

McClendon said...

Are you the star or is the porch swing?

Krista said...

Love the BS! My blog spells SOB so we are MEANT to be friends.....oh, we already were. So, where's your anniversary give-away? Just a little chocolate or cheesecake to throw my way. :D

One Cluttered Brain said...


I just hit over 300 posts last week!
Woo-hoo for the both of us!!!!

Anything you want to giveaway perhaps?
Like a giveaway?

Walmart 25 dollar gift card perhaps?
Cheesecake is ALWAYS welcome of course.


Jackie said...

Watch out. I'm going to steal your darling blue porch swing while you sleep tonight.

Lisa said...

Love all you BBFF's! Did I mention that I BUILT the porch swing? Well, I did. Kind of.

The Martos Fudge said...

Way to go girl... Be proud... It takes a lot to be a dedicated blogger. If only those with a minimal knowledge about the subject could see the good it does for us and the community. They would not wast a whole 3 min. of their talk on Sundays trying to make us feel bad about spending 1/2 hour of our day blogging instead of doing something extremely awesome like baking bread, or weaving a rug. Oh sorry I am blabbering on and on. But I was a little ticked when I heard that talk. It was one of the few talks that I encouraged my children to make lots of noise. I love your blog. Love you humor. Keep it up.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Girl, I wish I could write like you! I {heart} your blog!