Friday, January 8, 2010


Speaking of fish (I know I wasn't speaking of fish, but I was thinking of fish)~my second son was asked to a girl's choice dance tonight. Which is DELIGHTFUL, as we adore the girl.

Now, lest ye think me daft, let me clarify~

Not the kind of adore that goes with a witless and simpering, 'Oh my heck, aren't they just the CUTEST couple?! We just LUUUUVVVV HER, (she's on the drill team, you know) and when she comes over we give them lots and lots of privacy, (so they can fornicate) and we hope they NEVER, EVER break up, (when they get in a fight, I text her and tell her to take him back, because that's the kind of mother (stupid) I am.) And surely, there won't be any adjustments to their personalities (like maturity)...or lost opportunities for progression (like DATING or an EDUCATION)...or baby bumps underneath prom dresses (They can live in our basement~after all, it's OUR grandchild)...over the course of these critical years that might destroy their young lives, because these are gooood kids.'

Yeah, not stupid "adore." More like great family, smart girl, modest dress, no possible hooter action, kind of adore.

By the way, did you know that you can answer a nine year old girl the exact same way about 14 times in a row, and she'll still ask you the exact same question, switching a couple of words around and demanding that you give her your full attention each and every time, and then be furious that the answer stayed the same. I just told Jules I was getting "irritated." (Hi. My name is Lisa Understated Bingham.) And SHE replied, "You NEVER, EVER, EVER LISTEN TO ME!" and goose-turded out of the room. My GOODNESS, isn't she enchanting. (that was a statement, not a question. A question could have been answered)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Fish. There was a humorous story here originally, but Julia sucked me dry. Bone dry. Not a happy or creative thought remains.

I can't even figure out a way to end this post.




kara elmore said...

As amazing as a fish story would have been .... I must say I am SO grateful you didn't continue w/ the fish story. I would've barfed. And THIS story was JUST what my little barfed up brain needed. I loved it. NOW LISTEN TO ME WHILE I TELL YOU FIVE TIMES THE SAME THING AND ANSWER ME DIFFERENTLY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So....did you get to partake of any fishies? Not the ones still swimming (I hope they're still swimming, if not, fry those babies up!).

I hear Sassy is quite entertained with the little swimmers. Sorry 'bout that :) But that's what we're all about! Entertainment!!!


Lisa said...

Anony, you're so good to me. Don't be surprised if you get those little cuties back for your answer. 'Mkay? 'Mkay.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

who would have thought where this Adore would lead to!!! Your just too much!