Monday, January 4, 2010


"Hello me-time, my old friend....I've come to talk with you again..." A little slightly altered 1960's hippy music to start the year out. Did you hear that? Me neither. Isn't it wonderful?!

I luuuuuuv me some me-time. And by me-time, I mean thoughtful pondering and really righteous, just trying to be a better mom by filling up my own bucket so that I have enough bucket juice (which tastes suspiciously like Dr. Pepper) to splash all over my family, so this me-time is obviously for THEM and not the least bit selfish like some (many) people might suggest. (Also, don't even THINK about dropping by during this me-time, or my bucket juices will dry up and my family will suffer with life-threatening dehydration as a result, so in order to save their lives...because remember, me-time is really about them~as so many other things I do that might LOOK selfish to the naked eye, but are in actuality very UNSELFISH~trust me on's best not to call or expect me to be up and dressed~or really accomplishing anything~during this very unselfish and critical juncture.)

Me-time is my favorite.

I also love the fresh New Year sparse. (see above vintage displays~my only New Year fluff) Because for the last, oh, I'd say four months now, there hasn't been a single flat surface in my home that hasn't housed some sort of seasonal decor that needed to be nurtured. And by nurtured I mean dusted, fussed with, rearranged, added to, watered, regrouped, changed out or sprayed with glitter...just like my own children. Which is part of being a homemaker, and I knew that going in, people. But still, one can only go to Target with glitter flakes clinging to nose hairs and eyelashes so many times, before one is mocked by cashiers.

And speaking of cashiers, I've once again become acquainted with a new batch. Another duty of a housewife fighting the war against Winter blues, so she's taking her mental health very seriously and has STOIC RESOLVE that includes a daily financial workout (beating.) Yes, she is THAT committed to being in peak mental condition.

Would that I were that committed to being in peak physical condition. But I've started down the right path. I intend to, friends. And as we've discussed before, the pathway to Heaven is paved with good intentions, which means I'm even closer to being in the Celestial kingdom than ever before. And yes, it does feel good.

OK, so it looks like this year has begun "prit-near perfect." Me time, rabbit poop ice, a strong defense for Winter blues and intentions.

My bucket is getting heavier by the second. I should probably get a straw.


Erica said...

A book. A BOOK!! A B-O-O-K!!!!! Or, at least put a submission together for a few magazine articles. Real Simple, for example. I'm telling's in your not-so-distant future. I know writing...I know good writing, and you are good writing. I love me-time too, btw. And now I have a whole new outlook on it. So, thanks!

Lisa said...

Not only is ME-TIME my favorite, but ERICA is my favorite! Two favorites! Okay, so as my agent, you'll need to figure out how to submit. It makes me feel a little bit queasy. So that's your assignment, because I'm too busy with me-time to work on it right now.

Anonymous said...

I seen that you needed a counter.. I'm friends with one of your follower Ali. Below is the link for the counter that she uses for her stats.
By the way I love your blog!

Lisa said...

Thank you so very much, Ali's anonymous friend! You are awesome! I'm turning it over to Bitty Boo, because I'll bugger it up horribly if I try it myself. So if it doesn't work, it's HER fault...not mine...or yours. We're giving her the tools, now it's her job to figure out how to build the ark.