Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have a very small window of opportunity to post, as the girl will be home from school in mere moments and will have begun her diatribe directed at me before she even starts up the walk. So I'll make this hasty (and disconnected, abrupt and hardly worth your time.)

Third son is home sick today. Once again, I didn't take a child at their word when they put "feel" and "slang term for feces+'ity'...wait, that wouldn't be right. Okay, how about this~when you put your fingers to your lips, what do you say? That's right. Now add 'ity'. There. " together in a sentence regarding their health. Raised one eyebrow as he told me through the only passage left unplugged, "Bob...I thick I should probably stay hobe." My response? "YOU'RE GOING TO SCHOOL. AND MY NAME IS NOT BOB!"

So when I picked him up from school yesterday, he told me that in his TA (Teacher's Assistant~NOT T**s and A**. Oh. my. gosh. you are so gross) class, his teacher tried to wake him up THREE times and he still didn't respond. He was waiting for my reaction to be disbelief about the thrice. Apparently, the whole "sleeping in class" idea was a non-issue. He assured me he wasn't drooling, but the open mouthed snoring had become a distraction.

Anyway...kept him home today. Chalk one up for "nurturing."

Okay, she's home. She's talking to me. I knew it wouldn't last.

I'll get an earlier start tomorrow. (still talking to me)

Still talking...and still.........and it persists.....

Okay, I'm back. She's gone to her friend's.

Addendum to previous post about how second son was asked to the dance by the darling girl with a mean spirited mother. (she masterminded) They asked him with a bowl of gold fish that just. won't. die.

We've tried.

No matter how many times we let the cat lick up their life sustaining water.

No matter how much fish food we dumped in their tank to turn it toxic. No matter what, they. just. won't. die.

So here was our only option...

His reply! (Take THAT, masterminding, fish buying and gifting mother!)


Anonymous said...

Nothing like re-gifting!!!

So these pictures would explain why the fish water is a little murky(sp)! I laughed at it sitting on my front porch wondering if I should really bring it back inside and then I thought....hey, I can RE-GIFT it too!!! Max told me he wanted some fish for his birthday next week! Perfect!!!! No need to buy anymore. But after next week, don't be surprised if they're RE-GIFTED again :) Watch your back !!!Just sayin'.

BTW...very cute reply...and did you happen to cut Barbie's hair? She totally looks like my daughter now! Except for the bikini she's (Barbie) sportin'. Love ya.....Anony

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

glad you came back to explain the fish bowl...I agree...definitly A RE-GIFT!
wow lisa you did pictures in the 2009's