Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Absolute Best and favorite two words put together? DOOBIES AND BOOZE.

Even better than that? With a FLAMING lisp~DOOBIETHE AND BOOTHE. Go ahead. Try it yourself. No, out loud! See? FREAKIN' AWESOME!

Ster and I have been laughing our heads off, texting it to each other over and over. It's our new "go-to" phrase.

"Hey, hon. What should we have for din?"

"Doobiethe and Boothe."

"What's wrong with the cat?"

"Doobiethe and Boothe."

"What's your lesson about?"

"Doobiethe and Boothe."

We're like that. (annoying) We enjoy (beating) a good phrase (to death.)

On a side note~guess what can go numb in the dentist's chair? Eyeballs. Who knew?

Well anyway, go enjoy your doobiethe and boothe and numb eyeballs. I know I will. (blink, blink, burp, toke)


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kara elmore said...

ears. ears also go numb at the dentist. And the left side of your head. weird. But eyeballs are neater because then you can't close them ... right???